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Hearts for Hearts: Building Community
One Book Donation at a Time

Share the healing power of story with those less fortunate. Donate books to local assistance groups!

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I'm so excited to be launching the Hearts for Hearts program, encouraging readers and author and industry friends to give back to their communities by donating books they already own to nearby assistance groups. Even if you have very little time and money—even if you have only a few books to give—you can participate in this exciting program. It’s amazing to see the instant excitement in peoples’ eyes when I share the concept of Hearts for Hearts, to hear the many fantastic ideas for places to donate books. I can’t wait to hear about the donation you make in your community!

Special thanks to Nancy Berland, Kim Miller, and the entire Nancy Berland Public Relations group for helping me launch such an amazing program!

the story behind hearts for hearts

In 2005, volunteering with the Salvation Army, I worked locally with Hurricane Katrina evacuees who’d made their way to aid centers in my northeast Atlanta suburb. These displaced families left their homes and lives behind with virtually nothing. And while financial, housing, and basic subsistence needs were being met by the professionals around me, I witnessed something magical happen each time I put a donated item like a book into the hands of people who no longer owned anything more than what they could carry away from New Orleans. The grateful smiles inspired by such simple gifts were breathtaking to me. My Katrina aid experience taught me that even if you have no money to donate, and even if your personal time is stretched to the limits and you can’t volunteer, you can still make a difference.

This experience made me think. What if each of us donated a small portion of our personal library to a facility that serves those who have very little of anything to call their own? With a little time and a generous heart, one-by-one this holiday we could share something dear to us and ultimately make a difference in someone’s life. These thoughts birthed the idea for my Hearts for Hearts program.

I would love for every reader nationwide to donate new or gently used books to homeless shelters, Medicaid nursing facilities or similar centers across the country as part of this Hearts for Hearts initiative. So many of us have books sitting around our homes collecting dust, when there are untold numbers of people who would love to experience the transformative power of story—only they can’t afford the luxury. That’s why I’m inviting each of you to join me in donating books.

And what better time than the holidays to begin donating books to our local assistance communities? My husband and I have already pledged to deplete our personal libraries, if we can find enough centers to take it all!

Won’t you join me in this cause? I’d love to have 1,000 books donated by Christmas, and I’d be thrilled to have at least one book donation in each of the fifty states by year’s end.

You’ll find a link to the program guidelines below. I’m kicking off my Hearts for Hearts program in a big way including a special sweepstakes on my Facebook author page. “Like the page to enter to win.

I’ll also be sharing stories and photos from readers who have made book donations as part of the Hearts for Hearts program. Thank you for joining me in this mission and for believing in the power of story.

~ Anna

program guidelines...

How to Get Started. Click each guideline for more details.

1. Gather your book donation.

2. Find a recipient organization for your donation.

3. Call the center or organization to confirm their need for your books.

4. Make the donation (the fun part!).

5. Share your experience + number donated on Anna’s Hearts for Hearts Facebook page.

6. Groups Already Donated to

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thank you for your generosity!

Together, linking Hearts for Hearts, we can make a profound difference in the lives of those less fortunate than us, creating community, one story at a time.

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