The PERFECT Road Trip

“People don’t take trips. Trips take people.” ~ John Steinbeck

My ideal road trip?

PERFECT road trip

Dreaming. Floating away. My best friend, my lover, my life at the wheel beside me.

I write and read best on the road, traveling and experiencing and loving the day for what it is, expecting nothing more. He knows that. He loves the journey and the release and the silence.

He loves me, so I am more as I create and experience the stories the road brings me. I am exactly what I need to be, with all that I need next to me

Where do you go when you get lost, and who do you take along for the ride?

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2 Responses to “The PERFECT Road Trip”

  1. SueAnn Sipin says:

    I retreat to a mountain cabin, that is built into the side of it. Over looking Lake Jocasse, in SC. I take my fur babies, my canoe, lite foods and wine. I enjoy it at the 4th of July, spring, fall, early winter and some summers when the tourist are not around.

  2. I do the same, SueAnn. I have a favorite B&B I retreat to. It’s built on a waterfall. A working grist mill. Organic farming community. Interior hiking for hours. Beautiful valley. Lovely old friends.

    And I retreat to the ocean. Clears my mind and focus me. Any water does. But the ocean especially.

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