Waterfall Challenge: Hemlock Falls–You’re Here

Water is poetry for me. It’s breathing. Thriving. Living. It’s escape and coming home and coming back. It’s today and yesterday and tomorrow. It’s dreaming.

Come to Hemlock Falls with my husband and me. This last May. Spring thaw. Never made it to the higher falls. Mudslides everywhere.  Never quite there. Never want to be.

You’ll see.


Sun peaking. A halo. A path. You’re here.


Water teasing. A taste. A promise. Stay here.

On the way

Impossible winking. A want. A need. Know here.

Hemlock--Small falls



Hemlock--overflowing stream



Raging Water


roaring at you

 Beside you.

roaring beside you

Past you.

roaring pas you

Becomes you.

mini falls

A turn.

In you.

turn in the road

Never there.

still not there

Never leave.

beatifully still not there

Know here.

Stay here.

You’re here.

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2 Responses to “Waterfall Challenge: Hemlock Falls–You’re Here”

  1. leslie t says:

    Water is soothing to me, too. I listen to rainfall and creeks on a sound machine in my bedroom at night. Concentrating on the sound keeps my mind from wandering to things that would keep me up. My dream is to someday live on the water, somewhere. Not much around me now except a birdbath in my backyard. ;-)

  2. Karen C says:

    Absolutely breathtaking pictures! The photo captions are mesmerizing. I liked it.

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