I Hear the Craziest Things: Highschool Teacher Gone Wild

This just in. A high school teacher gone rouge–publishng erotica, in a thinly-veiled plot to warp young minds…

teacher mug shot

Here’s the link to the story. Read it. Keep your children close. Don’t let them go to public school, because look who’s lying in wait…

Yeah, I’m a little steamed.This started as a Facebook rant, but I’m moving it over here. Because, really! Really, America?


And if this woman was an ordained minister in her spare time? Would her students be in danger of her getting her “religious” juice all over them? What if she were a practicing Muslim? Would that mean students were being potentially brainwashed by an Islamic extremist? If she baked sweets all weekend, is her class more susceptible to diabetes or bad cholesterol, simply because she moves among them by day disguised a “normal” person while she conspired to suck your children into her dastardly do?

And before I get an backlash, I’m INTENTIONALLY using totally no-related occupations, particularly the religious ones.

This woman can’t be fired because of her faith, but she can be harassed because she wrote books for a living and did such a GOOD job of not letting her other life affect her students. THAT means she’s hiding her “shameful” self away, which of course means she’s preparing to warp young minds to be just as degenerate as hers is.

You know, because she’s a woman, freely executing her rights to write about women’s fantasies. And Lord knows we can’t have that. Certainly not from someone who teaches our children. Those kids might actually begin to think they’re entitled to freedom of expression as well. And who knows where our country would be if our youth began to write independently instead of however we think they need to, to pass their next standardized test.

FB friend Author Elaine send me to this Team Judy YouTube video of a former student speaking up for his teacher.


Okay, rant done. At least online.

Except to say to the mom who first reported her… Me thinks you sound like a woman who could use a bubble bath and a good erotic novel or two.

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3 Responses to “I Hear the Craziest Things: Highschool Teacher Gone Wild”

  1. Elaine says:

    Go Anna! I totally agree with you, hence why I wanted to send you that video from YouTube.

    It’s sad, but in many ways, I think more and more people – especially since 9/11 – are becoming afraid of anything that doesn’t fit into what they prescribe as “their own world view.” And the sad thing is, this means that any lunatic can stir up a group to try and get this teacher fired. Which would be a ludicrous decision, should it ever come to that.

    People are allowed to do what they want in their spare time, provided it is not illegal. And writing books isn’t.

    Word, Anna! Word :)


  2. Elaine says:

    By the way, Anna, I did a blog post too. You inspired me! And I linked to yours.

    Mine is at:

  3. Mary Preston says:

    The world has gone insane. We should applaud people who write. If a teacher my child had wrote I would have been thrilled.

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