Dream Journeys…

I dreamed about storms last night.Well, this morning, actually, because my mind was racing when I tried to sleep, so that little feat took a while to come together, and that’s when dreams come strongest for me.

dream journey

A lot of blog readers have asked in comments and emails for me to share my dreams, since I typically remember them clearly, and I have fun puzzling out what I think they mean.I’m not a professional interpretor (though I play one in my books ;o), but over the years (like since I was a kid), I’ve gotten pretty comfortable weaving my sleeping mind’s fantasy imagining into my everyday reality.

So, here goes–we’ll talk dream theories at least once a week, when I wake with something fun on my mind, until you tell me you’ve had enough! Starting with last night’s nocturnal journey…

I’d spent the better part of the evening, after talking with a friend all day about the past, plotting fantasy stories that could happen in the world around us–if parallel universes were possible within the laws of physics that govern our reality.

So what was swirling through my sleeping mind?

  • I was on the road, not at home.
  • Storms were imminent and people were scattering
  • Family was with me, not so much supporting as watching what I’d decide to do next.
  • Surrounding me as I travelled weren’t things that I couldn’t live without but colors and memories and sentimental touchstones.
  • I was fascinated, now that I think about it. Not scared of the damage that could come or the danger I might face. I was excited and kept motioning for everyone to join me, even

What do you think it means?

If you’ve been following the blog the last few weeks, there are some important clues to what’s going on in my life and what these images and the emotions feeding them might mean.

I’ll check back in later today or tomorrow, once there’s any kind of response, and share my own insight. But I wanted everyone else to get the chance to play first.

This is fun!

Thanks to those who suggested we try this.

Before long, maybe we’ll be talking about your dreams, too ;o)

Any volunteers?

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7 Responses to “Dream Journeys…”

  1. I once had a reoccurring nightmare interpreted. What I thought it meant and what the dream expert thought it meant were to different things. Since then, I’ve avoid trying to figure out dreams. However, since reading these latest books of yours, well, you’ve pulled me in to dream world again.

    Looking at your dream I have to wonder if it’s not about taking steps in a direction that isn’t completely paved out yet. Everyone is unsure of the twists and turns they cannot see. Even with possible storms, you sense this is good. Those around you are unsure and waiting to see what you do, how it turns out, and to follow your lead.

    OK. I could be way off. Probably am. But hey, I gave it a shot : )

    • Anna says:

      Thanks, Jenn. I hope your dream beautiful things tonight! And I think you’re right, about my mind processing just how little I know for sure about where my work is taking me this year. I have great plans. I’m working hard. The rest, we’ll just have to wait and see how it turns out ;o) But I have great family and friends cheering me on, and that means a lot.

  2. Janet G says:

    I think it’s about your writing this book. You feel that you may be taking a risk with the dream themes. Even if the book isn’t commercially successful it doesn’t matter because you wrote the book you wanted to write. Your family and friends are supportive of anything and everything that you do. I think the book(s) will be a great success.

    • Anna says:

      I think you might just be right, Janet. And thanks so much for the high-five;o) These paranormal fantasies are risky–not really romance; embracing sci-fi/fantasy for the first time. And they’re not the only risks I’m currently taking in my career. This is going to be a year of big changes for me. I’m hoping successful, exciting ones. But change is always risky. Still, I feel ready. Looks like my dreams just might be, too!

  3. Mary Preston says:

    I can only imagine what ‘fevered’ dreams a writer would & could & perhaps SHOULD have. My dreams are often bizarre & I live a very typical life.

  4. cc says:

    Sometimes dreams can be very interesting and could make for a well written tale.

  5. Although my professional life is in sleep, I don’t do dream interpretations unless someone comes to me first with a really vivid dream that they feel is meaningful. The first question is always, “What does it mean to you?” The immediate answer is often the most important one.

    I’ve got a good one for interpretation if you’re asking for volunteers… ;)


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