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Celebrating My Worst Review Ever–Comment and Win a Free Book!

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

One of my favorite things about Thrillerfest was the point in the banquet when an award was given for the worst review of the year. Copy from each of the finalists’ hideous reviews was read, each progressively more bizarre, ranting and childish than the last. There were cheers, enthusiastic clapping and a trophe was given to the author who’d attracted the nuttiest, most personally insulting commentary on one of their releases. It was freeing. Inspiring. It was a bonding moment as we embraced the reality that some critics live to breach the line between reacting to a novel as a reader and calling attention to their own story as a frustrated human being who delights in publicly tearing apart other people’s creations (and often other people themselves).

My mission once I settled back home and got my life in order after being gone for the better part of two weeks, was to find my absolute worst review ever and own it out here on the blog. It was clear from my Thrillerfest experience that readers and writers alike would enjoy the exercise, and I’ve developed a new-found appreciation for how empowering it can be to study someone else’s exercise in showing the worst of himself while pointing a finger what he’s decided is the worst of you.

And thus, I give you this review of my first Atlanta Heroes novel, Because of a Boy:

This from a man (I’m assuming there’s a Y chromosome at work somewhere within this person’s DNA, after reading his list of “real” books and the copy from several more of his reviews) who freely admits having no understanding of romance in general, or category romance itself as a sub-genre targeted to a very a specific but loyal audience that purchases millions of books a year. A man who can’t express himself without dropping the f*** bomb every other sentence, but possesses a childish glee in mimicking other’s words at every turn (not just mine–read some of the other “romance” reviews and you’ll see I’m not his only kicking post, just his favorite), calling phrases his curse-riddled mind doesn’t understand “cliche,” as if anyone who does find the writing appealing should head straight back to elementary school to re-learn basic grammar (and, I’m assuming, the merits of substituting four-letter words for symbolism and metaphor).

Here are some of my favorites parts of his rant: (more…)

Running With Quills and More!!!

Friday, September 25th, 2009

Dark Legacy’s Blog Tour wraps up today at Running with Quills–check it out and comment for your chance to win a signed copy of Dark Legacy!!!

A great pod cast is up of me and the other speakers at our NYC Barnes and Noble signing in Lincoln Center–from super fab. Publisher’s Weekly editor and her Grenville blog–Check it out at Romantic Reads. Yeah, I was tired by the time we got to the video, but it was a great night!!!  How else do you think I got so tired.

Amazing reviews are still pouring in, some from unexpected places, like Denver ;o) How Cool is that!!!

And don’t forget–it’s your last week to enter the September Dark Legacy contests  here and here on the blog, to win a Dark Legacy Couture Necklace and other great prizes, including a Coach Butterfly Purse. And here for a second chance to win a Coach Butterfly Purse at Fresh Fiction!!!

And, sigh… Next week, I’ll get to settle back into a normal routine. Whatever normal is… Who knows what you’ll find out here as Autumn draws close ;o) I can’t wait!!!

Our dreams can define the lives we choose…

Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

I’m guest blogging at Novel Thoughts today, NOT yesterday. Sorry for the confusion. Head on over and comment for your chance to win a signed copy of Dark Legacy.

I’d have posted sooner, but then I’d be posting here yesterday about a post somewhere else that was happing today, and that’s just too much for my mind to handle while I’m finishing editorial revisions for The Firefighter’s Secret Baby, which you’re going to love ;o) (Excerpt coming next week, once I have the book in production!)

There’s lots of new stuff to share! Again, more details after next week’s deadline:

  • Esquire Magazine’s asked me to contribute to an upcoming advice column, because they did a Google search for best-selling romance authors, and I’m evidently an expert. Heh. Stay tuned to hear how this one goes, but I’m having fun so far ;0)
  • Pop Syndicate’s asked me to start my own column about the romance industry (for readers and aspiring writers), starting in October with at least two posts a month. I’m really excited about it. Again, more news as it’s made.

  • Fresh Fiction’s spotlighting me and Dark Legacy. And there’s a Fresh-Fiction exclusive contest you should check out, for a second chance to win a Coach Butterfly Purse.
  • More reviews coming in each week…

I’ll give you all the 411 soon. Until then, enjoy today’s Novel Toughts essay/post. It’s pretty reflective and was fun to write, now that the mania of the first two weeks of DL’s release are behind me.

Thanks to everyone for hanging with me and helping celebrate!!!

Hot? Chilling? Thrilling?

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009

Morning! Home and working for the fist time since DragonCon mania struck… Let’s just say I can’t wait for next year’s Con, but I’m glad it’s not until next year ;o) Know what I mean???

September Blog Contest seekers coming over from my website link, go here and here for more info and to enter. (Everyone else, I’ll be leading every post this month with that reminder, for our new visitors ;o).

Also, WIN A FREE KINDLE and three free downloads, sponsored by Dorchester Publishing, spotlighting their authors who attended DragonCon ;o)

My Dark Legacy blog tour continues this week. Come find me at Pop Syndicate’s Book Addict Blog today–Pop Syndicate’s a neat site I discovered with lots to do and explore. I’ll be hosting my own column there come October.

Today, I’m sharing a behind-the-scenes “publishing” perspective of Dark Legacy’s first few weeks on the shelves. Ever wondered what an author thinks as she’s doing all the things she does to launch a new series??? Come find out in my Hot? Chilling? Thrilling? What’s in an adjective post and leave a comment to win a signed copy of Dark Legacy.!!!

Thursday, I’ll be at the awesome Romance Novel TV. Don’t miss either stop!!!

Romantic Suspense Meets Psychic Thriller Meets Urban Fantasy???

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

I’m breaking genre boundaries, or so I’m told. Not really a surprising distinction, if you’ve read me for a while. But, this means I get to chat about it online, so… cool! Come read my article/essay today at Romancing the Blog. The wonderful ladies there have invited me over the chat a while. Leave a comment for a chance to win a signed copy of Dark Legacy!!!

NovelTalk’s done a beautiful feature for the month of September. Okay, another cool! Someone wake me up when it’s time to return to my regularly scheduled life…

And… I’m packing up for Dragon Con. May even have some early pics tonight, ’cause we’re heading down to check in and get our badges and I’m told the hotel will already be full of fun, fun, sci fi and fantasy fun…

Maybe regular isn’t what my life’s supposed to be about these days ;o)

Interview Time, B&N NYC Pics, and Tomorrow We Play!!!

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

There’s a great interview up about me and Dark Legacy on Armchair Heroines today.

And tomorrow, I’m taking everyone on a blog tour fieldtrip to the Writing Playground (where I’ll be giving away signed copies of Dark Legacy and a custom-made pendant with Dark Legacy cover images  on it.). Don’t miss either stop!

Oh, and… I’ll be back out here tomorrow with the XOXO Butterfly Purse winner and the next blog prize up for grabs, te-he!!!

In the mean time, here are some pics from last night’s FAB. booksigning/genre night at the totally cool Barnes and Noble next to Lincoln Center in NYC. It was an amazing night. And everyone’s support in the blog comments meant so much to me. You’re the best cure for nerves and worry there ever was… Wish you all could have been there:



Guest Blogging at Romance Bandits Today…

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

Today, Friday, I’m talking characters and reomance and layering paranormal plots at

Romance Bandits (there’s a great NEW EXCERPT over there–part of a dream sequence between Maddie and Sarah ;o)

Keep leaving comments here through the 25th and into September to win more prizes like (more…)

New Excerpt and Guest Blogging at Night Owl Romance

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

For those who missed my Romance B(u)y the Book Guest Blog and giveaway yesterday, I’m including the new Dark Legacy excerpt below ;o)

Today, I’m guest blogging and giving away 2 Dark Legacy ARCs at Night Owl Romance Reviews–where I’m talking aboout “The Lighter Side of Darkness.” That is, all the relationship and community and emotional journies that keep us reading spine-tingling, shadowy tales like Dark Legacy…

Here’s the rest of my guest blog tour. I’ll be giving away jewelry, XOXO purse accessories, ARCs and much more to those who find me at each stop through September. (more…)

Dark Legacy Blog Tour Launches Today!!!

Monday, August 17th, 2009

Everyone join me at Romance B(u)y the Book today–where you’ll find:

  • a new, exclusive and spoooooky excerpt of Dark Legacy–the rubber’s hiting the road, so to speak, for our Maddie and Jarred;
  • a drawing from all those who comment for an ARC and for the great XOXO Butterfly Wallet below (which matches the XOXO Butterfly Purse I’m giving away on the 25th, to celebrate Dark Legacy’s official drop date);
  • and lots of fun with Michelle Buonfiglio’s Bellas!


“Win” a Scavenger Hunt Comes Together ;o)

Thursday, August 13th, 2009

We have a winner of the Vintage Harlequin Tote. And we have a new Dark Legacy Scavenger Hunt!

Winner first–drawn randomly from the commenters in the last two Dream Theory posts. Thanks, everyone, for your amazing dream revelations. I’m totally hooked on dream research and hearing the unusual things we all sometimes remember from our sleep worlds. Congratulations:

Lexi C., who commented on the “Dream Themes” blog post, on August 6th, 12:22 pm !

Lexi, I’ll send you an email, too. Let me know your snail mail addie so I can send you the great tote and collection of books from RWA Nationals in DC!

Now, onto our new Scavenger Hunt! This one’s going to be different than the ones we did last month–the theme is my Dark Legacy Blog Tour, celebrating my debut paranormal romant suspense’s August 25th release!!!

Here are the rules: (more…)