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The Psychic Realm: Shared Dreaming, Shared Lives

Thursday, April 14th, 2011

Dreams are windows into the unconscious mind–into the knowledge within. Sharing that wisdom and knowledge, shared dreaming, is a breathless connection few have experienced. But there are studies that tell us that people who are close enough to one another and share a deep enough bond can indeed find themselves linked to one another’s dream patterns.

We’ve talked before that dreams communicate with us and the waking world through emotions. Waves of feelings feed the dreams and flow back into our lives from them. These same emotions speak to others in our waking lives. When things are particularly challenging and chaotic or amazing and wonderful, those close to us share part of our experience, as feelings surge through us and our lives. So it’s no so far fetched to imageine that someone who understands us deeply (a close sibling, a mate, a nurturing parent) might at times carry something of our emotional patterns into their own dream states.


Taking it one step further, let’s assume that you discuss some of the images you see in the dreams you remember with those who wonder what’s troubling you, or perhaps they’re as excited as you are by something wonderful that’s occurring in your life.  Since our dream symbols and settings are touchstones that often reflect a portion of our everyday reality, those images will seem as familiar to those close to us as the emotional states that drive them. Making it possible, when you think about it, that some of those same images might become shared experiences with others dreaming alongside our lives.

Pretty reasonable, right? You know me better than that.

My psychic twins in Dark Legacy and Secret Legacy don’t just compare notes and realize they’re seeing and feeling some of the same things when they sleep. They’re often driving each other’s demented dreams, and when they’re giving each other a break, someone else even more demented is pushing their sleeping minds to the brink of insanity. Oh, and their magical family legacy gives them the ability to channel theirs and others emotions, and those feelings give Sarah and Maddie Temple access to others unconscious minds through their dreams, both sleeping and day dreams. Enter the government scientists determined to turn the Temples gifts into direct-strike psychic weapons that can be remote programmed and triggered at will, with the dreamer never knowing their mind has become a host to another…

So, what’s up with that? Surely something like that is total make believe.

Except there are dream scientists like Montague Ullman working in laboratories to understand the mind’s ability to dream share. (more…)

The Psychic Realm: Trending Topics

Tuesday, March 29th, 2011

I blog weekly about the Dream Theories behind my Secret Legacy and the rest of my paranormal fantasies. And about the Psychic Realm I’ve created for my characters’ world. When you  need another boost of psychic, paranormal, fantasy fun, check out my Psychic Realm Daily! Another paper that pulls articles and links and so forth from my social media feeds.


Link to the paper and it’s stories here.I started building the content, because I wanted to keep up with trending topics in psychic phenomenon. Now, you can too ;o)

To subscribe to it or any of the other digital papers I’ll regularly feature (click back to yesterday’s post to peak at my Sci-Fi/Fantasy Daily),  navigate to each of the papers’ Headlines page and click the Subscribe button.

Then navigate around the paper using the top menu and let me know what you think!

Sci-Fi/Fantasy Daily

Monday, March 28th, 2011

I’m heads-down into promotion planning for Secret Legacy, and I’m psyched (no pun intended) about the cool opportunities out there to plug into social media and viral marketing. Including eNewsletters like my Sci-Fi/Fantasy Daily.

scifi fantasy

It’s one of the ways I’m networking on Twitter and Facebook, by releasing daily glimpses of cool sci-fi/fantasy, psychic and paranormal articles and links shared by others in obsessed with the same topics. The format is fun and easy to read, very much like an digital newspaper. Well, actually, that’s exactly what these cool things are ;o)

I’ll be sharing them here throughout the next week or two, so you can hook up with the ones you like.

So for now, let me know what you think of my Sci-fi/Fantasy Daily.


Dream Theory: Interpreting dream time travel…

Friday, March 25th, 2011

It’s easy to forget our feelings. In fact, many of us prefer it. Except… Our dreams tend to take their own path when we sleep, and often they time travel–as my psychic twins experience all over again in Secret Legacy. Things that we’ve forgotten we’ve thought or felt in the past come back to us in our dreams. Something in life turns our mind back, and our sleeping world follows. There’s something we haven’t dealt with, something we must feel from that time.


In Dark Legacy, yesterday dreams were how one twin (the psychotic one ;o) finds her sister again and begs for her help. You know, while she’s trying to kill her and everyone she feels has abandoned her to her terrifying gifts and the government scientists experimenting on them. In Book 2,  Secret Legacy, now that Sarah Temple’s free of her mad scientists and her mind is healing (or so she thinks), dreams from the past come for her again–only this time under someone else’s control. Discovering who’s using a secret child to send Sarah to the brink of madness once more becomes an odyssey in facing the past and the emotions and the near childhood breakdown she’s forgotten all these years is the only way she’ll save herself and her twin, the child whose amazing mind is being weaponized, and every dreamer that could become the next dream target.

Lucky for us, others aren’t driving what we remember in dreams (at least, most of the time they’re not). Unlucky for us, we don’t have a brotherhood of watchers helping us decode the symbols and images, the clues, our sleeping minds leave to help us figure out what we need to deal with so we can see more clearly how our past is forming our future.

Our dreams are, more often than not, showing us what’s happening in our subconscious  minds when we’re awake. (more…)

The Psychic Realm–The Inception of A Great Fantasy Ride

Monday, February 14th, 2011

As a fantasy/paranormal reader, what makes you “buy” into a story’s alternate reality? As a fantasy/paranormal writer, how do you earn that commitment from your fans? How do you, like in Book 1 and 2 of my Legacy series (or the movie Inception), take concept like dream theory and spin an alternative world (in my case, a Psychic Realm) out if it that’s so real, a reader could see it as her own?

As for me, let’s start with some of the more obvious techniques I see out there:

1) Cool! Fantasy/paranormal readers crave the cool factor in their entertainment.  As a writer, do your research (I have an entire shelf and a full “favorites” browser folder of dream research). If you veer toward sci-fi like Inception and my Legacy series do, understand the science behind the concepts your manipulating as best you can. Then ramp it up several levels.


Go for the new (which I thought I had four years ago when I started writing Dark Legacy). Then we saw Inception last year and I sat through it saying, “Cool!” over and over as the same lucid dreaming techniques and “psychic’s manipulating reality through dreams,” and “dreamers losing control of the physical world because they’re not sure when they’re dreaming or not” concepts I used play out on the screen in an even more vivid way. Go for the cool.

Those of you who saw Inception, (more…)