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The Best of North Georgia: Eating…

Monday, November 5th, 2012

Yes, I’m gluten-free and I have to watch my sugar intake and my thyroid makes it difficult for me to feel hungry at all sometimes, but this southern girl knows good eatin’. And when you’re in the mood for it, there’s nothing like the the flavors and variety of Georgia cooking. Top of the list? One of my favorite mountain meal destinations–The Dillard House.

front of restraunt

Keep in mind I grew up in a family that was half-full of farm people. When I say that The Dillard House’s fresh veggies and southern-prepared casseroles are the best EVER, I know of which I rave. And while I’m not much into animal protien, I’ve always on the prowl  for meat options that hearken to yester-memories. And there’s something for everyone at this special slice of heaven on earth. Take a look at a typicl menu. (more…)

Best of North Georgia: Getaways!

Monday, October 29th, 2012

There’s magic in every community. Every part of our country. We live in a world where we can discover within our own national boundaries wonderous moments of endless variety. Or, if you want to get all Wizard of Oz about it, we don’t have to look any further than our own back yard to find ourselves enchanted with who and what we are as Americans. We’re so very lucky to live where we live, and I’m never more aware of that than when I’m writing a novel set in my world for the last twenty years of North Georgia.

On this day where so much of the east coast is battening down and hoping nature won’t beat the everloving c**p out of them, I’m feeling particularly charmed to have places like Sylvan Falls Mill less than an hour from my landlocked self. Check them out near just past the city of Clayton, technically part of Mountain City, I believe, at the base of Black Rock Mountain (the highest national part in the country).

mill at christmas

Water is my muse. I grew up surrounded by ocean, river and marshland. My low country, coastal beginning was alluring, healing, beguiling, and, yes, at times dangerous. And while my heart will always beat fastest with the surf’s roar beyond my windows, it’s near mountain water now that I find myself most peaceful and inspired.

I thrive amidst mostly untouched nature and the unconditional acceptance of mountain places where technology seems so completely unnecessary to your well being you don’t even stop to wonder whether or not wifi is available (which it is, but you won’t care). Places like Sylvan Falls Mill.

Mike and Linda have been our get away for close to a decade, yes. But they and their community have become more than our friends. They’ve become life’s blood cosing through our veins. (more…)

Best of North Georgia: Jewelry!

Monday, October 22nd, 2012

Remember Harvest Hardware, folks. You’re going to hear more about these women… I’m spoiled in North GA, living so close to the artisitc lovefest that are the mountain towns just an hour from my community. Unique jewelry and other handmade finds abound at nearby small-town and county festivals.  My favorites of late by far are Lisa and Mary Wilkie’s creations–reclaimed and hardware inspired hand stamped jewelry.

This is their charm keeper necklace, hanging on a simple silver chain.

hh charm keeper necklace 

What they do is industrial but can be either delicate or oversized, depending on what you prefer. Personalization is a must, and they’re creativity will inspire you.

This tripple wrapped bracelet works like a cuff, except it molds to your wrist instead of moving all over the place.

hh triple wrap bracelet red

It’s all mix and match, and you’ve never seen anything quite like it.  The charm variations are limitless.

hh stamped variety charms

It’s ingenious, what they’ve managed to do with items you’d normally find in a farm shop or a working garage. And their newest ideas keep blowing my mind. (more…)

The Best of North Georgia: Pottery!

Monday, October 15th, 2012

Nothing could be more marvelous than discovering an artist in her natural habitat. Finding Cindy Angliss in her Hickory Flat Pottery studio is one of my favorite surprises after wandering about the North Georgia mountains over the last few years. Yes, I’m most often hunting interior waterfalls. But magnificent discoveries have a way of stopping me in my tracks from time to time with a wonder I hadn’t expected. Cindy’s artist’s story (mostly self-taught, with an eclectic but refined approach to shapes and glazes that draws me in like a painting each time I visit) and the location she’s chosen for her professional and personal home (close to Lake Burton and Helen) sucked me in the first time I visited…

Click on the first link above to read more, follow her events, receive her newsletter, and FIND HER the next time you’re out this way for and adventure. But for this Best of North Georgia post, let me leave you with her vision…

There’s an Asian technique in her glazing that demanded I buy this canister set after looking for just the right one for years. It now lives on my kitchen counter, holding the flower, sugar, etc. I use every day.

HF Pottery canisters

Here’s the same glaze, Mountain sunrise, on a tray–do you see the ridges and water and clouds and trees on the horizon that inspired her as she played with the technique?

HF Pottery glaze mountain water sunrise

A bird’s nest to die for, with her Mountain SunSET pattern.

HF Pottery bird nest mountain sunset glaze

Tea pots of unusual shapes abound. (more…)