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I Hear the Craziest Things: Solar Flares, Kenetic Energy, My Dysfunctional Reaction to Stress

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012

This should be a Psychic Realm post. Sadly (comically?), instead it’s my life. On the way to being scanned for possible signs of returning cancer (there were NONE, so YAY!), my reality went haywire, as it often does on already-difficult days. “Solar Flares,” some said. “Your kinetic energy misbehaves when you’re stressed,” my alternative friends remind me. “Karma?” others asked. You be the judge.

solar flare

When I’m stressed, I do tend to have an electric/magnetic effect on the world around me. And I was stressed last Thursday. This was the final ultrasound/biopsy that would tell me (hopefully) that I could stop seeing this particular specialist except for future once-a-year, no-big-deal, you’re-all-clear-but-let’s-just-check followups.

This is the specialist, after a long string of doctors, who 2 1/2 years ago blew my world apart and said, “Your chances of this being cancer are too high NOT to have the surgery.” End my thriving publishing career. End every part of my life since (until recently) that wasn’t about getting healthy again, after surgery destroyed what was until that point my “disgustingly healthy” endocrine system.

stress bang head

So, no, my state of mind each time I visit this particular medical office isn’t at its zen best. (more…)

I can’t help it. It’s Kinetic…

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

I shut down the electronics in my home last Thursday, while trying to finish some online tasks before travelling. I was laughing about it to a friend, when her blank stare registered. Hadn’t she heard about me? The jokes that over time stop seeming like jokes? Oh dear. Electronics don’t get along with me when I’m stressed, I explained. I can’t help it. I has something to do with kinetic energy or something, and … My friend, also a writer, blinked slowly. Then smiled. Cool! she said, then pumped me for more information about the strangeness that is me and how I’m thinking of spinning it into storytelling.

I’ve been fascinated by the kinetic energy around me (the energy of movement),long before I knew what it was or that it seemed to seethe in and out of my life in somewhat predictable patterns. The kinetic energy of an object, I explained, is the energy the object produces while its in motion.

kenetic cougar

But what happens if the energy rush comes before the movement? What happens if things around you start going haywire, but nothing’s really moving? Until you walk by it, or turn on the computer, or try to connect to the high speed Internet the way I was when I WAS TRYING TO GET OUT THE DOOR LAST THURSDAY!!!

Eh-hem. (more…)