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Your Dreams and What You Believe…

Thursday, June 18th, 2009

I fell in love with the idea of creating an exciting paranormal series based on things that are there, but not quite there. I’m fascinated by those parts of our lives that I think we’d see, if we’d let ourselves believe in what we can’t quite see. Dreams were a natural place to start–so dream theory became the basis for my August 25th release, Dark Legacy, and it sequel (Secret Legacy, due on shelves June ‘10).

And I’m so in love with everything I’ve learned about dream theory, I can’t wait for Dark Legacy to launch before I share a bit of it with you ;o) Check back each week for more fun dream reveals and discussions!

Today’s topic–How does what you believe affect your dreams, and how do your dreams affect what YOU believe? (more…)

Dark Legacy Excerpt–Time to Meet Jarred Keith!

Friday, June 12th, 2009

Okay, okay okay! Stop nagging me ;o)

I’m glad you love Maddie Temple. And I get it. You wanna taste of her hero, too… Thanks for the excited emails and blog comments. Those of you who want to see some the dreams I keep talking about, hang on for just one more week. Until then…

Heeeeere’s Jared!

This scene immediately follows the last excerpt I posted, so scroll back in the Dark Legacy category if you haven’t read that yet. This isn’t the beginning of the book (can’t give that away), but it’s an important get-to-know Jarred scene. And the lovely thing is how much more you get to know Maddie, too ;o) And then there’s Sarah, the psychotic, psychic twin whose nightmares are haunting Maddie, even during the day…


Dark Legacy
on shelvels August 25th!

There’s something you’re not telling me.” Jarred was staring at Maddie from his expensive chair, behind his expensive desk. Maddie stared back, swallowing the instinct to trust him. To invite him deeper into her messed up life. Into her mind. (more…)

Dream Logic…

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

I’ve had a lot of questions about how the dream theory in Dark Legacy works, and that’s going to be tough to explain until everyone has their copy. I don’t want to give too much away. But, it’ll be fun until then talking about the real-world dream theories I researched and based my Dark Legacy world on.

To wit–Dream Logic. To make Dark Legacy (and it’s sequel) work, there had to be a way to define dreams and also to intentionally alter their logic through psychic projection via the collective unconsciousness. See–you really have to read the book for that to all make sense. But before you do, we can talk a little about how dreams really do find their meanings and how you might be able to get a closer look at what’s going on while you sleep.

To start with… (more…)

Bringing Dreams to Life

Friday, June 5th, 2009

That’s the title of the article I just finished for the September issue of Romantic Times (which will actually be on newstands and in mailboxes around the second week in August). Apropo, it would seem, since one of my all-time fav. dreams has been to publish mainstream fiction–and my paranormal romantic suspese debut, Dark Legacy, is out August 25th!

The article is a “behind the scenes” into the dream theory I based Dark Legacy’s world on. But since I only had 800 words to work with, it turned out to be mostly a tease. Hopefully, I’ll leaving you wanting to know more. Because, here on the blog every Friday (and on twitter most of the rest of the week), we’ll be talking all things dreams until you’re so sick of it you beg me to stop ;o) (more…)

New Dark Legacy Excerpt!

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

The excerpt on my website is Dark Legacy’s prologue. I think it’s time everyone met the grown up Maddie Temple. You’re going to love the romance between her and her hunky psychiatrist!

Check out the prologue and other goodies on my site: . Don’t miss the other posts in the blog Dark Legacy category! Or the chance to win an ARC and Dream Flutters jewelry by leaving a comment any time this month.

Enjoy this new glimpse into Book 1 of my Legacy series!!!


Dark Legacy
Chapter Six

Maddie’s breath misted in the frozen morning air. She’d been up for hours. It felt like she’d been standing there forever. Shivering in the hospital parking lot. Still not ready to go inside. Not ready to pretend for another day that her life wasn’t falling apart.

Anger bubbled beneath the calm that people expected from Dr. Madeline Temple, ER Trauma Specialist. Her twin’s anger and insanity had come only in the dreams at first. But echoes of Sarah owned more of Maddie’s waking mind every day. No matter how hard Maddie fought, her comatose sister’s demented memories kept taking more.

Or maybe it was Maddie’s own mind. Maybe it was simply her turn. Like Sarah and her mother, this was her destiny. Maybe that was the prophecy Phyllis had been so terrified of. Maddie had managed to do some good with her life. It was time for the darkness to take the rest. Could it really be that simple? That hopeless?

She squared her shoulders against the ridiculous thought.

She was a grown woman, not a scared teenage girl. She didn’t believe in curses and phantom prophecies. Besides, she had real problems to deal with. Problems like Dr. Jarred Keith, who’d become St. Christopher’s Chief of Psychiatry less than a year ago. Notorious for keeping to himself, he’d surprised her by wanting to take their casual dates to a level she hadn’t been ready for. He’d found the calm, sweet Maddie she’d been too charming to resist. She’d told him she needed to stay focused on her career. Then she’d stopped returning his calls. Ignored his repeated voice mails. Until last night.

Last night, Jarred hadn’t left her a choice. He’d said he was sorry that it had come to this. He was sorry, but they’d find a way to clean up her mess of a life together.


Shrugging off a shiver, Maddie marched up the granite steps that led to the wall of windows fronting St. Christopher Memorial Hospital. Focus on what’s important. Forget about everything else. She had a residency to save. After scraping and fighting for years to get where she was, she refused to let everything slip through her fingers. She wasn’t losing herself now. She wasn’t weak like her sister.

Maddie would handle Jarred Keith. Then she’d handle her nightmares, the shadows from her past, and her family’s penchant for instability—alone. Whatever it took to not let the darkness win, the way it had with Sarah…

You Dream for You… Indulge Yourself…

Monday, June 1st, 2009

dreamsThe last few days, I’ve been writing an article on Dream Theory and my September Dark Legacy release, for Romantic Times magazine.I went back and reread my notebooks (yes, notebookS) and the small library of dream research I bought and studied while I pieced together the early plot. A lot of reflection ensued. And I found myself getting excited all over again by the science of dream theory and the possibilities that dreams offer our every day lives. Yes, my imagination has taken the concept of dream work and run with it to create a suspenseful paranormal world for my new series. But under all the craziness I’ve stirred up, I still see the great stuff you and I can learn about our dreams and our waking lives–as long as we’re willing to indulge our dreams and go along for the ride(more…)

Embrace Your Dreamworld…

Thursday, May 28th, 2009

If Maddie Temple doesn’t take her dreams back in Dark Legacy, her world, her mother’s, her twin’s and possibly everyone else’s is going to end!

Yeah, I’ve kinda taken the warm and fuzzy idea of dreams to, shall we say, the next level. And I’m getting a lot of questions about why. So at least once a week–let’s talk dreams!


Why create a contemporary paranormal world where dreams control everyday life and can be manipulated to do the dreamer’s bidding? Well, because they do–for reals–and most of us rarely remember what our minds do the six or eight hours we sleep each night (okay writers, fess up, it’s more like two to four hours a night, but the same rule applies). Especially if we’re dreaming something uncomfortable or foreign to our everyday world. Or, as is the case for many of us, we’re not sure if we want to be that in touch with where our imagination goes when we give up our waking control. (more…)

Back…Chatting…Dark Legacy goes to production in a week…

Saturday, April 4th, 2009

Thanks for all your patience, my blog friends. Dark Legacy is revised, I took a trip to Boston to talk with the NEC romance writers, and now I’m working on line edits so DL can go to production next week.

The website/blog redesign is almost done, I have beautiful pics of jewelry I’m going to be using as giveaways for Dark Legacy promotion (and if you really like them and don’t win one, you just might be able to buy your own soon from my kick-ass jewelry designer friend Marci). See the pics below…

Oh, and I’m chatting all weekend over on Dangerous Women Writing. Check us out…it’s going to be a blast.

To get us going again, I’m going to give away one of the beautiful leather necklaces with the Dark Legacy book cover charm (sterling silver fastenings and embellished with pearls and whatever else Marci dreamed up) to someone who comments out here over the weekend!

Stay tuned for more “down to earth” blogs starting next week, and a beautiful new site/blog to look at soon. It’s going to be a great count-down to September, my friends ;o)

Here are some pictures to drool over. The theme is my new logo and the dream images from DL’s cover. Especially our weekend prize, the Dark Legacy cover pendant and leather necklace ;o)

The Temple Legacy

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

The basis for my Legacy series for Dorechester, is that there are ancient family lines that have carried their magical gifts into future generations. Paranormal gifts that, when concentrated, can be harnessed for great good or powerful evil. A brotherhood of watchers has tracked these families for generations–intervening when needed, when their legacies become a potential threat to mankind.

The Temple twins have been “blessed” with powerful gifts they’re not fully aware of–here’s a bit of their story.

Let me know what you think. Oh, and, next I’ll post the prologue, so stay tuned ;o)

Generations ago, a secret legacy of healing foretold the birth of two daughters to the gifted women of the Temple line—twin empaths who would posses psychic abilities beyond anything the world has known. During the Salem witch trials, written record of the legacy died with the family matriarch, Olivia Temple, when she was burned at the stake. The family’s empathic gifts were hidden by subsequent generations. The myth of the twin legacy “curse” was passed down verbally from mother to daughter, until it became little more than a colorful folk story grounded in the kind of truth time cannot destroy.

On a deep summer morning, the legacy is fulfilled when Madeline and Sarah Temple are born. Their supersensory talents are apparent from the cradle to not only their terrified mother, but also to a league of scientists developing an arsenal of psychic weaponry. The girls’ mother fights to hide her children’s powers from her daughters, her husband, and the world. Ultimately, she faces a mother’s worst nightmare—having to sacrifice the more unstable of her children to save the other. With the safety of her family and anyone exposed to the twins’ unpredictable “gifts” at stake, what choice does she have?

Original Idea

Thursday, February 26th, 2009

One of the things that sells books to publishers is having a unique high concept.

I knew when I wanted to take my novels to another level, that I wanted to branch out from more classic romance into something more mainstream and contemporary. Something more like the exciting novels I’ve come to love in my own reading life (you know…the books that inspired me to specialize in romantic suspense in my Atlanta Heroes Superromance series ;o)

And one of the common responses I received from all the editors who read my Derk Legacy pitch was that I had a unique, original idea on my hands. So, thanks in part to Bob Mayer’s Original Idea workshop during one of his weekend retreats years ago (where I was just starting to get my brain churning around doing a different kind of book), here’s the original idea for my new “Legacy” series for Dorchester books ;o)

Original Idea: Psychic powers are exploited to assassinate classified government targets—using only the mind, scientists can custom design and remote-trigger violent daydreams.

Premise: Hijacking nightmares, secret government scientists imbed sleeper programming into the subconscious of unsuspecting people. Homicidal fantasies (lucid dreams) can then be triggered in the waking world, transforming innocents into deadly weapons. Beware—your next daydream could become a living nightmare.

The first two stories in the series, Dark Legacy and Haunted Legacy (or Forogtten Legacy, I can’t decide about the title for the sequel), are paranormal romantic suspense, based on a secret family legacy of psychic power that a government weapon’s program wants to exploit…

Come back tomorrow, for a closer look at the legacy ;o)