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Dream Theories: Falling and Flying Your Way to Tomorrow

Monday, November 28th, 2011

Do falling dreams predict an incident to come? No. Well, maybe, for some of us who feel the energy of our dreams in our waking worlds. Bwahahaha… For others, you could simply be “falling” into sleep. Or, there might be deeper psychological meanings. Let’s take a look!

falling impressionistic

Do you fall or fly, surrounded by vivid imagery and wrapped up in a story line? Are you feeling anxious or soaring? These are key indicators that you’re mind’s processing how you’re feeling about something that’s happening or about to happen in your life that you’re worried about. And if you’re always falling and never hit bottom? Maybe you’re feeling out of control, with no sense that you can take charge. You’re, quite simply, taking a leap of faith.


Far from crashing into the ground meaning that you’re going to die, it can often mean that you’re ready to make the choice you’ve been avoiding. (more…)

Dream Theories: Retrievers & Wolves & Seals, Oh My!

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

Dogs are best friends. Wolves are wisdom. Seals are over-the-top aspirations…Three of the animals readers asked me to share after my last Dream Theory post. But generic symbolism is just the beginning. It’s not you. Do you dream about your dog, friendly or ferel wolves, swimming or land-locked or tame seals?

Ok, some linky links to start the day off right:

That said, let’s talk about you ;o)

Dream Golden Retriever

Depending on the strength of what you’re feeling about those golden retrievers in your dreams, you could be celebrating a growing friendship or mourning a relationship that’s in trouble. (more…)

The Psychic Realm: Animal Totems

Thursday, November 17th, 2011

To continue this weeks animal theme, let’s talk about the loyalty and protection of the animal spirits we attract. Yep. Totems. You know, metaphysical protection and guidance. Don’t scoff, like I did at first. Animal imagery has played a large role in my fantasy work, at first unintentionally. The images you see on my covers came to me as my characters’ dream sequences organically evolved. Then I began researching the underlying meanings of the animals I was weaving into my work, then the animals I’ve invited into my own life, the ones that fascinate me, and I began to wonder… What is it about animals that seem to comfort and inspire and challenge us creatively, the way nothing else does?

animal totem owl

Keep in mind that I’m doing non-stop reading and research into all things interesting and barely there, to help me build an alternative contemporary world that will support the next series of books I’m crafting. The theory goes that we choose our animal totem or guidea in another dimension, before we begin our lives in this one. From birth, these loyal creatures then are powerfully attracted to us, bringing us what we need for our journey.

So, I guess it’s pretty important what totem you choose, huh?

animal totem skunk


Dream Theories: Animals. Instinct. Unconscious understanding. YOU!

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

Animals in dreams are our subconscious, our desires, our fears, our feelings, ourselves. “Uh, yeah.” You’re rolling your eyes, because everyone knows that. “But what does that mean for ME?”  Well, scoot over, hold onto your knickers and give me a minute.

My last Dream theories post introduced the animal theme that’ll take the rest of November to explore.


That was back at the end of August, then I took a blog sabbatical so I could explore my world and return, recharged and raring to entertain (alliteration is my new zen, BTW). So click back through it and catch up. I wouldn’t want to leave anyone behind, because I let my brain out on holiday…

Our instincts have an animal component to them. You already knew that, too. We possess animal traits and urges and desires. In our dreams, these otherwise unconscious ways of processing and dealing with life bubble a little closer to the surface, showing us facets of ourselves we don’t take time to see when we’re awake.

But can we understand what our minds are showing us through animal imagery? Can we meet these animals in a more literal way and learn from them/ourselves? If we do find a way to be more lucid and interactive about our dreams, starting with remembering them as much as we possibly can, what do our animal inspirations tell us?

Let’s see ;o)

animal kittens


Dream Journeys…

Tuesday, January 18th, 2011

I dreamed about storms last night.Well, this morning, actually, because my mind was racing when I tried to sleep, so that little feat took a while to come together, and that’s when dreams come strongest for me.

dream journey

A lot of blog readers have asked in comments and emails for me to share my dreams, since I typically remember them clearly, and I have fun puzzling out what I think they mean.I’m not a professional interpretor (though I play one in my books ;o), but over the years (like since I was a kid), I’ve gotten pretty comfortable weaving my sleeping mind’s fantasy imagining into my everyday reality.

So, here goes–we’ll talk dream theories at least once a week, when I wake with something fun on my mind, until you tell me you’ve had enough! Starting with last night’s nocturnal journey… (more…)

1.11.11: Starting Over

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

We talked about the power of “1″ on the first. You know, on 1.1.11. Then I began asking myself, how is 1.11.11 different? We are even more overwhelmed with the little buggers today.


Delving into even more thrills and chills and parapsychology this year than last (actually, at the moment I’m researching theoretical physics and super string theory as ways to explain the improbable but not impossible psychic powers and phenomenon I’m writing about), makes ia GREAT time to look a little deeper at the “1″ and the numerology behind it, so here goes! (more…)

Dream Research

Friday, January 7th, 2011

Dog willing, the second book in my, currently, dream-theory based Legacy paranormal series from Dorchester (Secret Legacy) will hit shelves in May (Yay! Had a conference call with the PR team yesterday, and what they’re planning for the digital and trade release is really exciting!).

So, more dreams are coming your way than ever before. More fantasy (in fact, they’ll be shelving it in sci-fi/fantasy, since this time around we all agree that I haven’t, from the very start, been writing romance, even though Sarah and Richard’s relationship will blow you away in this Dark Legacy sequel). More of the rich, paranormal world I knitted together in the first book and got to wallow in while I wrote the second.

Which means, while I’m researching parapsychological gifts for a new “legacy” family to have to conquer in a three-book continuation of the series beyond this new release, I’m getting back to regular Dream Theories posts.Back -logged questions will be answered. More spooky, chilling, cool dream stuff to-be-spotlighted.

And to start–some pics that answer better than words can describe the question so many of you asked about how I came up with the dream dimensions I’ve drawn around the Temple Twins contemporary world.

I’ve  cleaned off my office shelves to make room for th thrity or so new research books I’ve bought as I contemplate new proposals. And before I boxed them up, I snapped some images of the early non-fiction reading that made Dark Legacy and Secret Legacy possible.

Dream Research 1

 Some basic “dreaming for dummies” books started me off. (more…)

Dream Theories: Dreaming Your Memories…

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

I’m talking dream theories straight through the fall, while we count down to the Halloween release of Secret Legacy(Nov., from Dorchester Leisure). This has been one of my most popular categories to date, so come back and join in the fun.

dream memories

There’s so much to explore this time. Dark Legacy’s sequel is about running to your dreams and what they’re revealing, instead of away. Even I was surprised at how much fantasy wove itself into my new paranormal thriller. A key bit of research that inspired Secret Legacy was discovering that many scientists believe our dreams are based, at least in symbol, on our pasts. That the structure of our dreamscapes is the structure of the memories we’ve already lived, either projected into fantasy that helps us resolve lingering issues or into the future that some suspect dreams can predict.

Scientific articles abound, full of useful information about this and other dream characteristics. Thank dog for my “other-life” identity is a tech writer. I’ve ghosted for everything from lawyers to epidemiologists. There’s a goldmine of research material on the Internet. Articles like this one: (more…)

Newest Dark Legacy Excerpt!

Monday, July 13th, 2009

Count Down to Dark Legacy’s release!

Look for the June Dream Flutters Necklace and Dark Legacy ARC winner tomorrow, PLUS the July contest deadlines!!! Sorry for the delay–life wiped out the first of the month, but there will be a July, August and September contest for more Dream Fluters and ARCs. I have some fun ideas, so check back tomorrow ;o)

Until then, enjoy a litte more insight into Jarred and Maddie and the gothic dream theory that will thrill you in Dark Legacy! Scroll back through the Dark Legacy category for previous excerpts…

Dark Legacy
On Shelves August 25th
Somewhere in Chapter Eight

She was at the door. The door Jarred had left open, as if he’d sensed she’d feel safer that way. She yanked it wider. Stared at the floor. Waited for him to catch a clue. Jarred walked closer, but stopped in front of her instead of leaving. She could feel him staring. Wondering. Leaning in.

She flinched away.


Relax…The word, in Jarred’s voice this time, echoed through her mind.

 ”So, it’s not just when you touch a patient?” he said out loud.

She left him and the door behind. (more…)

New Dark Legacy Excerpt! Dreams and Nightmares…

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

There’ve been so many requests for a taste of how I’ve worked dream theory into Dark Legacy. I don’t want to disappoint my blog faithful. But at the same time I can’t give way the opening few scenes of the  book–where the dream theory is set up for the reader. A pre-release quandry… What do to…

A compromise seems in order, so–here is a piece of a key scene between Maddie and Jarred (both of whom you’ve met in previous excerpts, so scroll back in the Dark Legacy category if this is your first taste and read those first). Sarah, Maddie’s not-so-sane twin, is also there…sort of… You’ll see what I mean.

It’s a great showcase for how Dark Legacy weaves the sister’s dreams/daydreams together, sometimes in frightening ways.

This is not at all a complete look at the various ways you’ll see dreams propel Dark Legacy’s plot forward. They’re so integral to the story, I can’t really explain more without spoiling a lot of the ride–and you KNOW I’m not going to do that. But I’m very pleased with how this snippet turned out.

Hope you will be, too. Enjoy!!!

Dark Legacy
Somewhere in Chapter Ten

“…You didn’t just see what happened when Sarah began to lose herself,” Jarred pressed. He couldn’t believe he was entertaining such an outlandish explanation. But somehow he knew he was right. “You…felt what happened to your twin, didn’t you? Like you felt that patient’s injuries this morning.”

Maddie’s fingers slid from his arms. Her body fell slack as she withdrew into that mind he wanted—needed—to understand. (more…)