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Gluten Free: Sugar Rush

Sunday, June 22nd, 2014

Lots of questions lately about eating Gluten Free and how I stay on track, now that my health depends on it. It’s not easy, in a world where most of your favorite smells and textures can no longer be yours, unless you make them yourself or are the most annoying person at the the table, asking the waiter/chef for a detailed rundown of how everything was made.

Still, when you’re talking either a week of being sick vs. being judged as a picky eater or a pain in the ass, who are we kidding? I’ll have the baked potato, even if it’s gluten-free pizza dough, if all your dough is rolled out on the same counter, or if you use pre-grated/packaged shredded cheese, canned tomatoes that aren’t labeled GF or flavoring/meets of any kind that contain artificial anything. That’s just the charm of me.

I’ve learned a lot the last few years.

Rule number one–NEVER settle. My husband is even on board now, annoying man, leaning in when we’re out and I want just one bite, to say, “Be careful…” Argh!

But he’s right. I’m always right, when I’m taking care of my health.

Eat clean and natural and mostly home/handmade. That’s my life now. And I’m a healthy girl again because of it. We can all be healthier, I’ve learned, by cutting back on the gluten. Even if it’s not a sensitivity acting up for you, the inflammation and bloat and blood sugar spikes (sleep disorders and aches and pains and cognitive function issues and energy levels) you’ll trim away as you cut back on the gluten in EVERYTHING is a given. So, maybe give it a try, just a little?

Hope you’ll join me on my journey and share my favorite staples, recipes and goodies!

Today’s tip: ┬áSugar Rush!

I eat sugar sparingly, but when I’m out and others are snacking or deserting or basically indulging and I can’t have ANY because most processed and pre-prepared sugary anythings contain gluten, I need a back up plan. Here are three of my easy to travel with favorites:

tic tac strawberry fields

Tic Tac’s Strawberry Fields.

Just one or two, sweet and tart, and you won’t be craving that cheese cake as much!

Yumearth leomn

YumEarth’s Organic Lemon Drops (Cheeky Lemon). (more…)