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FREE Secret Legacy! 99 Cent Dark Legacy Promo!

Friday, April 26th, 2013

I’ll be blogging regularly again beginning May 1st, once I have a rough draft of my Seasons of the Heart Book 3 WIP. But until then, enjoy some AMAZING new promotions for my Legacy series from 47North!

Secret Legacy, Book 2,  is FREE through the end of the month, if you sign up for the Kindle Delivers Daily Deals!

Secret Legacy front cover

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Dark Legacy low res

So if you love some thrilling, dream-theory based psychic twin goodness–also amazing family dramas and love stories, click the links above and get you some of this Kindle goodness, before Amazon stops losing their minds and giving my books away ;o)

Look for more great goodies and fun posts, beginning May 1st.

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USA Today Spotlight!

Friday, December 7th, 2012

I owe the blog a Publishing Isn’t for Sissies/How We Write update, but it’s a USA Today Spotlight morning. Back soon with more from the “work” side of this beautiful ride we call publishing. But for now, share my unexpected USA Today Happy Ever After Blog spotlight from Kathy Altman and Joyce Lamb!

The book was even more stirring than I imagined. The perfect houses on Mimosa Lane harbor more than their share of heartrending imperfections — the once tightly knit neighborhood is slowly unraveling. The characters and their struggles are all so real and relatable that I’m still worried about them.

With Mallory and Polly, DeStefano presents a wrenching and effective juxtaposition — the child laboring to cope with her mother’s death seeks salvation from the woman who can’t come to terms with her own loss. But Mallory ends up helping Polly more than she can ever anticipate, and in doing so helps herself. She gives the little girl a “safe place” to store her mother’s memories until the child is ready to reflect on them — which is a lovely parallel for the safety Mallory doesn’t yet realize she’s found on Mimosa Lane.

But there’s so much more than angst within these pages! The sexual tension between Mallory and Pete burns hot enough to melt the snow off of every roof in the neighborhood, and the humor tucked here and there is entertaining and timely…

Still the #1 Family Saga on Kindle, holiday priced for $1.99 .

COML Front 240x360

Winners, winners, winners…

Monday, December 3rd, 2012

October and November contest winners below! Thanks to everyone for being so patient. Amazon gift certificates and spooky cereal and even a vintage Trifari Rudolf pin, so check out the list and see of you’ve won. Oh, and my December contest is up–more Amazon free stuff AND I’m giving away a vintage Trifari Christmas Tree Pin just like the one Polly and Mallory love in Christmas on Mimosa Lane. It’s a shorter contest this month, so you can have your tree to wear during the holiday and your gift certificate to buy something special to read during your time off ;o). So be sure to enter before the 15th!

November Contest: Rudolph Vintage Trifari Pin and Amazon Gift Certificate

trifari rudolph

  • The winner of this Rudolph Trifari treasure: Mary Preston, who commented on October 27th.
  • The winner of the $5 Amazon Gift Certificate: Felicia Plastini, who commented on November 20th.

October Contest:  Spooky Cereal and Amazon Gift Certificate

Franekberry (more…)

The Soul of the Matter: Forever is composed of nows…

Tuesday, November 27th, 2012

I’m hearing from readers each day who’ve enjoyed the Emily Dickinson poetry quoted in my Christmas novel. Now that we’re officially moving into the holiday season, I’ll be chatting weekly about the words of hers that I chose to be this project’s emotional touchstones. So, join in in the comments if you like. Sit back and just listen. Throw your hand in the air because I’m going on and on and on. It’s all good to me. I love the sensations and images that flow from ED’s words so much, I’m equally as excited to talk to myself as I am an entire room of readers. So, this Tuesday thread’s for me…and you, if you’re as obsessed as I am ;o)

 forever is composed of nows

The beauty of Emily Dickinson, is that while an entire poem might not resonate with you, there are kernels of amazingness in practically everything she wrote–most of it never published in her lifetime, because she couldn’t bear to be around people, to know their thoughts about her work, or even to look herself too closely at what she saw as prose that were full of prose. She wrote and rewrote and hid away everything she penned, drilling deeper and deeper into an idea until she discovered a “now” that said exactly what she wanted it to.

Forever is composed of Nows
‘Tis not a different time

If forever (all the tomorrows there would ever be) were the same as now, and time lost its power over what we chose to do and what we put off or avoid forever, what would we be today? If yesterday and all the things we’re running from, or remembering fondly as if  the past were better than what we have now, were today, then what would our decision be about how to live this now.

I’m playing with time in Christmas on Mimosa Lane. We travel back and forth to the past and present and back again with each of the story’s central characters. What they’re learning, I hope, is what ED is saying in this poem. That we are what we are now, and we are the compilation of all that we were and will be–and how that affects who we choose to be now. There is no difference in time. There is no before or “to be.” There is now and what all the moments of our lives combine to be in us in the place we currently are.

dali melting clock

We chose our future. That’s what I discover in her words. (more…)

Holiday Memories: What makes yours last?

Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

December 1st, my son opens his first Christmas present. Is he spoiled??? You bet. Am I? Ditto. While our family doesn’t make the entire holiday about gifts and “stuff,” we also don’t make it about a single day. It’s a season, including Thanksgiving, about family and being thankful and seeing the world for what it is–a place we share and celebrate together, no matter what else is going on. It’s about home. And December 1st is a great day to kick off that kind of awareness in our world.

happy holidays

What do happy holidays mean to you? How do you make sure those true meanings of things stay first in your mind, as the stress and craziness of what is always a crazy month try to take over?For us, it’s sticking closer to home than going away and working on things as a family and having those few special mementoes around that we’ve shared in the past, like anchors in our memories to what’s been most important and will be again. A lot of these turn out to be my son’s December 1st gifts. I pick each one with that in mind and hope they make a lifelong impression.

Anchoring memories like this don’t have to cost much. In my Christmas on Mimosa Lane, little Polly remembers her mother by playing with her mother’s favorite vintage pins, many of which were purchased at tag sales and flea markets. They were special to Polly’s mother, because they were special to her grandmother before her. They were about time spent collecting and enjoying them, not what each pin was worth.

I have a similar tie to my grandmother, and now to my son, who’s kept each of his December 1st gifts in special places, and even as a teenager keeps most of them out year around even though they’re Christmas themed. (more…)

Shiny days…

Thursday, November 8th, 2012

Some days are built for staring at the shine of the unexpectedly magnificant, as it casts its perfection on your life.

shiny days

Today is one of those days for me. Christmas on Mimosa Lane is selling far and beyond anyone’s expectations, hitting too many Amazon best seller lists to count. And it’s only the first full week in November. And today it’s being spotlighted not only on Kindle’s Daily Blog, but also Fresh Fiction.

It’s one of those days, even when I have another book to write, where I’m going to sit back and take in the gold and diamonds reflecting off the water beyond my window and remind myself of just how lucky I am to be a writer and to have found readers out there in the ether who take my words in, give them a warm, loving place to thrive, and hopefully enjoy just a bit of what I wanted them to see.

So, be kind to this shiny-struck author and leave a comment on the Kindle Blog, so my editors thing someone’s listening ;o)

And go win a $10 Amazon gift certificate on Fresh Fiction.

And please, Please, PLEASE, take in a bit of the sparkle that is your day!

Other opportunities to win:

The Best of North Georgia: Eating…

Monday, November 5th, 2012

Yes, I’m gluten-free and I have to watch my sugar intake and my thyroid makes it difficult for me to feel hungry at all sometimes, but this southern girl knows good eatin’. And when you’re in the mood for it, there’s nothing like the the flavors and variety of Georgia cooking. Top of the list? One of my favorite mountain meal destinations–The Dillard House.

front of restraunt

Keep in mind I grew up in a family that was half-full of farm people. When I say that The Dillard House’s fresh veggies and southern-prepared casseroles are the best EVER, I know of which I rave. And while I’m not much into animal protien, I’ve always on the prowl  for meat options that hearken to yester-memories. And there’s something for everyone at this special slice of heaven on earth. Take a look at a typicl menu. (more…)

Fresh Fiction Chance to win an Amazon Gift Card…

Friday, November 2nd, 2012

Christmas on Mimosa Lane’s Fresh Fiction contest is up and running through the end of the month! So link over, read the excerpt and answer the trivia question for your chance to win a $20 gift card for your reading (or holiday gift giving) pleasure!

7009141_frontcover low res


The excerpt is below as well, if you’d prefer to read it here ;o)


Anna DeStefano presents a touching Christmas story about love, loss, and healing—and the joys of coming home.

“A terrific read…from this standout author!” ~~4 1/2 Stars, RT Book Reviews

“Furls around your heart like a Christmas Ribbon.” ~~NYT Best-selling Author Lori Wilde

“A Charming, tender delight… Anna DeStefano is a treasure!” ~~NYT Best-selling Author Teresa Medeiros

Read the First Chapter HERE


Best of North Georgia: Getaways!

Monday, October 29th, 2012

There’s magic in every community. Every part of our country. We live in a world where we can discover within our own national boundaries wonderous moments of endless variety. Or, if you want to get all Wizard of Oz about it, we don’t have to look any further than our own back yard to find ourselves enchanted with who and what we are as Americans. We’re so very lucky to live where we live, and I’m never more aware of that than when I’m writing a novel set in my world for the last twenty years of North Georgia.

On this day where so much of the east coast is battening down and hoping nature won’t beat the everloving c**p out of them, I’m feeling particularly charmed to have places like Sylvan Falls Mill less than an hour from my landlocked self. Check them out near just past the city of Clayton, technically part of Mountain City, I believe, at the base of Black Rock Mountain (the highest national part in the country).

mill at christmas

Water is my muse. I grew up surrounded by ocean, river and marshland. My low country, coastal beginning was alluring, healing, beguiling, and, yes, at times dangerous. And while my heart will always beat fastest with the surf’s roar beyond my windows, it’s near mountain water now that I find myself most peaceful and inspired.

I thrive amidst mostly untouched nature and the unconditional acceptance of mountain places where technology seems so completely unnecessary to your well being you don’t even stop to wonder whether or not wifi is available (which it is, but you won’t care). Places like Sylvan Falls Mill.

Mike and Linda have been our get away for close to a decade, yes. But they and their community have become more than our friends. They’ve become life’s blood cosing through our veins. (more…)

Romance Junkies Monster Bash: Win a $20 Amazon Gift Certificate and MORE!

Friday, October 26th, 2012

Through November 29th, read a Christmas on Mimosa Lane excerpt, then head over to my Romance Junkies Halloween Contest page and enter to win a $20 Amazon gift certificate and a Christmas on Mimosa Lane ARC, plus tons of other goodies from participating authors.

7009141_frontcover low res

One more time, here’s the link to my contest page and the excerpt you’ll read to answer my trivia question. 

Then all you have to do is email your answer to the Romance Junkies address on the contest page, and you’re set!

There are tons of more authors participating on RJ’s Monster Bash page. After clicking through, mouse over the various characters on the page for links to the other contests… I’m the “full moon” up in the sky ;o)

If that’s not enough partying for you, use the scroll menu to the right of the monster bash to move on to other rooms in the haunted mansion and even more chances to win!

And if you don’t yet have your copy of Christmas on Mimosa Lane, link over and grab one now–it’s hitting all the Amazon Hot New Releases lists this week!

Thanks to everyone who’s helped this be an amazing launch week ;o)

Have fun, everyone!