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5 STAR Amazon Ranking Celebration GIVEAWAY… WIN Summer Fun!

Tuesday, June 7th, 2016

“Very well written and an amazing cast of characters. I loved every minute of the book and hated to see it end…”

We’re celebrating WAITING FOR YOUR LOVE’s 5 STAR Amazon Ranking with another giveaway!

Who wants to WIN this Summer-Themed Coloring Set (isn’t it ADORABLE!) and a digital copy of  WAITING FOR YOUR LOVE?

coloring set

Even in my novellas, character is everything for me.

I sweat all the details, work my tail off with my editor to pick and choose just the right characteristics and actions and motivation and reactions will showcase the two leads and as many secondary characters as I can pack into the story ;o) Pacing and plot zoom you through what you’re reading. But in my books it’s always the characters you remember most, long after your done.

To be in the giveaway, comment about your favorite character(s) in the story you know will stay with you forever! You can also leave a comment on my Facebook Page Giveaway Post for a second chance to win!

Winner announced tomorrow, when I post the next release giveaway.

Keep checking back all week for more chances to win…

Oh, and snap up WAITING FOR YOU LOVE now for ONLY 99 CENTS! It’s already racking up 5 Star Reviews on Amazon



Sweet, sassy, ADORABLE summer fun!”


Friends to lovers should be the sweetest romance of all…

So how did Clair Summerville get herself into such a mess—pretend dating Conrad Lancaster of all people at her family reunion?

Clair can’t lose their life-long friendship. She and Conrad have always been there for each other, no matter how complicated their separate worlds have gotten. Now they’re playing with fire. And one of her best girlfriends, Bethany Darling (from His Darling Bride), is fanning the flames.

Of course kissing and cuddling like lovers in front of Claire’s nosy, controlling family leads to suspiciously “real” couple behavior in private. But no way can she reveal her true feelings for Conrad. Not with her survival instincts clamoring at DEFCON 1.

Clair’s desperate to cut and run, the way she has with every other guy she’s come close to trusting with her heart.
Except this is Conrad. She’s been secretly in love with him and his little boy, Harper, for years. And this is Chandlerville, Georgia, where neighbors have a pesky habit of pitching in—whether you ask them to or not—to make dreams come true. Especially the dreams you want so badly, they shake you to your core.

Looks like these made-for-each-other loners have everything they need to win their long-overdue happily ever after… If only they’d risk their tender hearts one more time.

Or will Clair and Conrad lose their last chance to fight for each other’s love?

The Big, Bad UGLY We Don’t Talk About: EARLY WRITING

Tuesday, June 7th, 2016

How to explain how planning and prepping and early drafting for a new novel feels…?

It’s like finding out you’re pregnant, I guess, and wondering what your new baby will be like. Or graduating from college, hoping and dreaming about that first/new job. Or meeting the man/woman you think will be your soul mate, and wondering if your life together could really be that amazing.

Or, if you’re an angsty writer not liking not knowing if what you’re doing is going to suck EGGS, like this.

head in hands

Or this.

crazy writer

Or this.


I’ve written 27 wildly successful novels, by many’s standards. I’ve often made a living creating something out of nothing. Which is decidedly more often, lucky me, than most who get a hankering to write a book and embark on the crazy journey I’m on.

How can I still be so nervous? Worried? Troubled to my very core, so much so that I can’t really write deeply yet, because all the reflections on the surface keep shimmering in and out and away from me, too quickly for me to see clearly.

You know you want to do what you’re doing. You’re dying to get see what the beautiful thing your creating will be, once it’s done. And you’re petrified. You’re feeling less than. You’re stumped as to how anyone could possibly think you could do this. Or is it just me?

fear what would you do if you weren't afraid

We sense the danger of being wrong, of failing, of not living up, I think. (more…)

Echoes of the Heart Series is a Kindle 100 Monthly Deal!

Wednesday, August 5th, 2015

This Just In!

Here in My Heart is only $99 Cents all month, and Let Me Love You Again is on sale for the first time, for just $1.99. Both are reader top rated!

Stock up on Echoes of the Heart novels while we wait for His Darling Bride to launch next year.

wink emoticon

Here in My Heart:

Let Me Love You Again:

His Darling Bride:


Hunk Approval! First Blush Pick = FREE Copies

Monday, April 13th, 2015

Let Me Love You Again is a Kindle Love Stories First Blush HUNK Pick ;)

To celebrate, we’re giving away 20 digital copies of LMLYA.

ENTER the giveaway HERE!

Enjoy Let Me Love You Again’s HUNK as he gives us all a sneak peak ;)

Coconut Pie AND Three Seas Recipe Giveaway!

Monday, December 1st, 2014

Who wants FAB recipes from 20+ authors and the chance to WIN a $300 Gift Card for Amazon, B&N or iTunes?

300 Amazon GC

That’s right, my agent and her team have put together a fun author/blog hop, to help you get to know each of us better. Which means (follow the information at the end of the post), you need to leave a comment on their site/page, rather than here to be entered to win the $300 Gift card.

BUT–comments are welcome here, too, where I’ll be giving away my own $25 Amazon gift card AND your choice of a digital copy of one of my #1 Best-selling Mimosa Lane novels!

amazon 25 gift card

Just tell us here on the blog what’s your favorite handed down through the generations recipe that you make again and again… And then hop over to Three Seas (link below) to be entered in their fab drawing…

Which means you have a chance to win $350 total, just by playing here and there.

I’m sharing my grandmother’s super simple but AMAZING Coconut Pie Recipe.

And there’s so much more goodness for you to explore.


  • Dive in.
  • Let me know if you have any questions about the pie (it’s a “farm” recipe passed down in my family for generations, so don’t let the simple fool you, it’s one of the best things you’ve ever eaten).
  • Leave a comment below about YOUR favorite handed-down recipe, for a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card.
  • Visit Three Seas Literary’s link below for all the info you need about the Receipe hop and promotion/giveaway AND to leave comments to be entered in the drawing for the $300 gift card.
  • Enjoy getting to know better a few authors you might already know a little or are just discovering!
  • Oh, and stay tuned for the winners!

Grandma’s Farm Coconut Pie

This a very simple, by-hand recipe that is more about the cooking than the mixing.

It takes no time to throw it together but around an hour to cook, depending on your oven.

It’s best to put the pie pan on a baking pan that will catch anything that might spill as you put the pie in the oven (the uncooked pie is liquidy).

Don’t be impatient. Cook until the top and crust are golden brown. But don’t over-cook (the pie is supposed to be soft inside, crunchy on the top, YUMMY!)

You’ll know it’s done when the coconut on top start to look toasted. You won’t believe how GOOD it is. My grandmother always made an extra for my husband to take home with him each time he visited. BTW, it’s just as easy to make two at a time as one, so you might wanna follow Grandma’s lead and double book ;o)

Dry Ingredients:

  • 1 Cup Sugar
  • 1 tsp Flour
  • 1 tsp Salt
  • 1 heaping cup raw, shredded Coconut
  • 1 frozen/prepared pie crust (bottom only)

Wet Ingredients:

  • 1 tbsp butter (melted)
  • 1 cup milk
  • 2 eggs

Preparation Instructions:

  1. Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Mix/sift sugar and flour in separate bowl
  3. Add salt and mix well
  4. In large mixing bowl, Beat eggs by hand until yolks are broken and mixed well with whites. Do not over beat.
  5. Add milk and butter
  6. Add sugar/flour/salt mixture and Stir well by hand. Do not over mix.
  7. Add coconut and fold until well incorporated. Be sure to avoid clumps of coconut in the mix.
  8. Pour into pie crust until just below the edge of the crust.
  9. Bake until pie is set and top is golden brown (entire surface of the pie should be golden, and the coconut on top should appear toasted). Do not over bake or the inside of the pie will dry out. NOTE: The pie will rise as it bakes, and settle as it cools.
  10. Remove from oven and place on a cooling rack that allows circulation beneath the pie. Allow to set (10 minutes or so) before serving. Can also be served cold.

Recipe Hop Contest Details

Here’s all you need to know about the Three Seas Lit giveaway (remember to leave your comments here on my blog, to be in the running for the $25 Gift Certificate only). Link over to Three Seas to discover more authors, recipes and to comment to be in the running for $300 to spend any way you link on Amazon, B&N or iTunes!

Enjoy all the goodies and chances to win!

From Three Seas Literary…

Thanks for visiting my site!  I hope you enjoy sharing my recipe with your family and friends.  Please feel free to share stories and comments here on my site – I would love to hear from you. And comments here will put you in the running for my $25 Amazon Gift Card and Mimosa Lane novel giveaway.

However, comments left here will not constitute an entry to the ($300) 3 Seas Recipe Holiday Contest.

In order to enter the contest for your chance to win a $300 gift card to Amazon, B&N or iTunes, be sure to enter my name and my recipe name into the official contest form on the 3 Seas Facebook page,

If you have any questions about the promotion, please contact Kurt at  Thanks for participating, and good luck!

Here in My Heart: #1 Short Story on Amazon!

Friday, October 3rd, 2014

Thanks to everyone who’s come out this week to support Here in My Heart’s release.

Especially those of you who’ve helped us hit #1 on Amazon in Short Stories and Women’s Short Stories.

What a THRILL!

Num 1 women's short story on Amazon

And a special thanks to everyone who’s already read and reviewed Here in My Heart.

In just three short days, it already has a 4.6 Review Rating, with 16 FIVE STAR Reviews ;)

Our Release Blog Tour and Rafflecopter Contest continues through October 10th (see my  last blog post for details)! There are still great chances to win prizes, including two vintage, heirloom quilts and more.

Blog tour giveaway Quilt-Log-Cabin

See my Fan Newsletter for more details on all your chances to win, and to listen to last night’s Two Hour LIVE Release Chat and Party on Hummingbird place!

Don’t forget to sign up to automatically receive the next newsletter in YOUR Inbox

Thanks again for the phenomenal support for Here in My Heart my friends.

To all my readers and fans, YOU are why I write these sweet, emotional stories. I’m so glad you’re enjoying them!

HiMH Final

Live and work together,
or lose everything that matters…

The ultimatum tilts Dru Hampton’s contented life in Chandlerville, Georgia, on its ear. The man that Vivian, her cantankerous boss and benefactor, wants Dru to partner with-live with-is Brad Douglas, who’s let Dru down every way a man can.

Sheriff’s deputy Brad Douglas has come a long way since his rebellious youth. He’s back home to care for Vivian, his ill grandmother. He’s stayed out of Dru’s way all these years to make up for the hurt he once caused her. Now, the delightfully mischievous Vivian’s dying wish is for them to rebuild at least a working relationship together…and she’s betting on them rediscovering much more.

The family business and the Douglas home that Dru and Brad both cherish will be sold if they don’t resolve their differences. Can these childhood sweethearts make up and reclaim each other’s hearts before it’s too late?

Gold Box Deal ALERT and Giveaway!

Saturday, August 30th, 2014

Woohoo! Three Days on Mimosa Lane is part of today’s Amazon Gold Box Deal ;o)

Amazon TDoML Cover

Get your copy for only $1.99 for today only!

BONUS: Share the Three Days news  via Here in My Heart’s Release Party Page on Facebook, make sure you’re a guest of the party, and I’ll be giving away $10 and $25 Amazon gift cards as Three Days rises in the Kindle rankings.

amazon 25 gift card

Come join the fun!

We’ll have more “flash” and pre-release prizes and drawings all of September, and we’re planning a BASH for September 30th’s Here in My Heart release!

WIN a Kindle and Free Books: Street Team Time!

Sunday, July 13th, 2014

Have a BLAST on Anna’s Street Team!

Here in My Heart is on its way (out September 30th!), and we’ll be celebrating with Anna’s hard-working, fabulous Street Team, giving away a Kindle to one lucky member and FREE Books from my new Echoes of the Heart series and the award-winning, best-selling Seasons of the Heart series–which continues in the spin-off  Here in My Heart.

HiMH Final

Do You LOVE:

  • Anna’s books?
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  • Sneak peeks of future books only the Street Team sees while Anna writes?
  • Sharing your excitement about Anna’s books, the blast she has on social media every day, release parties and event, and much more?
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With Here in My Heart’s release, we’re re-launching Anna’s Street Team and Review Team, and looking for dedicated and enthusiastic fans and friends. Join in the release fun and get behind-the-scenes access to so much more as Anna drafts Waiting for Your Love and A Darling Bride, Echoes of the Heart Book 2 and 3, coming  in 2015!

Anna will be giving away to her STREET TEAM ONLY a host of prizes during Here in My Heart’s release, including free digital copies of books and a KINDLE!

BUT we have only a few new slots open to the team.

How Do You Join? (more…)

Today you are you…

Wednesday, July 2nd, 2014

“Today you are you! That is truer than true! There is no one alive who is you-er than you!” ~ Dr. Seuss

Dr Suess Fun is Good wm

And always remember, fun is good…

Be smart…

Wednesday, June 25th, 2014

Don’t just be an ass. Aspire for more!

Tweety bird smard assjpg