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We’re celebrating Monday’s WAITING FOR YOUR LOVE release early with a FOUR-BOOK GIVEAWAY ;) WIN the entire Echoes of the Heart Series to date!


To win DIGITAL copies of Here in My Heart, Let Me Love You Again, and Christmas on Bellevue Lane…and a PRINT copy of His Darling Bride–comment with the name of your FAVORITE novel series and let us know why it’s so special to you.

Winner announced on WAITING FOR YOUR LOVE’s release day: Monday, June 6th.

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Releasing June 6th, 20016
Sweet, sassy, ADORABLE summer fun!”


Friends to lovers should be the sweetest romance of all…

So how did Clair Summerville get herself into such a mess—pretend dating Conrad Lancaster of all people at her family reunion?

Clair can’t lose their life-long friendship. She and Conrad have always been there for each other, no matter how complicated their separate worlds have gotten. Now they’re playing with fire. And one of her best girlfriends, Bethany Darling (from His Darling Bride), is fanning the flames.

Of course kissing and cuddling like lovers in front of Claire’s nosy, controlling family leads to suspiciously “real” couple behavior in private. But no way can she reveal her true feelings for Conrad. Not with her survival instincts clamoring at DEFCON 1.

Clair’s desperate to cut and run, the way she has with every other guy she’s come close to trusting with her heart.
Except this is Conrad. She’s been secretly in love with him and his little boy, Harper, for years. And this is Chandlerville, Georgia, where neighbors have a pesky habit of pitching in—whether you ask them to or not—to make dreams come true. Especially the dreams you want so badly, they shake you to your core.

Looks like these made-for-each-other loners have everything they need to win their long-overdue happily ever after… If only they’d risk their tender hearts one more time.

Or will Clair and Conrad lose their last chance to fight for each other’s love?

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9 Responses to “WIN the Entire ECHOES OF THE HEART Series!”

  1. Debra Guyette says:

    The only favorite I can really think of is the In Death series. They are always fresh and refreshing.

  2. Chris Bails says:

    This series looks good. New to me author and would love to check it out. Love series and this looks like a good read. Thanks for the chance to win and read. Great covers.

  3. Chris Bails says:

    Forgot favorite series would be The Rock Chick’s series by Kristen Ashley or Sapphire Falls by Erin Nicholas

  4. denise says:

    Nancy Drew… lol :) Actually, my favorite is the Little House series… reminds me of childhood with reading them and watching the series on tv

  5. And our winner is…Julie Fetter! Julie, comment with your email address (of your Kindle, so I can send your digital books), and your snail mail address for sending the print copy of HIS DARLING BRIDE. You can also send the info to my email address: annadestefano “at” annawrites “dot” com.

    Thanks again for everyone who’s coming out to play on WAITING FOR YOUR LOVE’s release day and beyond!

  6. denise says:


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