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Here’s another  sneak peak from
Christmas on Bellevue Lane
showing the BEST of the home Marsha and Joe have created
in their group foster home!

…Oliver and Travis and Dru were standing behind Marsha.

They’d crowded the doorway of the closet like a human wall of tough love, clearly determined to help with Joe. She didn’t know whether to thank her kids, or to look for a way to tunnel out of there with husband before what looked to be an impromptu intervention got out of hand. Meanwhile Joe’s back was turned to them, and he evidently intended to keep it that way.

His strong presence filled the closet. So, how could his health still be so precarious? How could her husband not be doing whatever he had to, to fight his way back to full strength?

When he finally did turn, she saw that he was holding a roll of bright red wrapping paper. He’d set the shopping bag down at his feet. His gaze tracked past her to the kids.

“Your mother and I need a few minutes alone,” he told them.

“You and Mom need help,” Oliver responded. “You have for a while now.”

“And we’ve all tried to pitch in,” Dru hurried to add. “We tried not to let it seem like we didn’t think you two can still do everything on your own.”
“But you can’t,” Travis insisted.

“And we’re done pretending otherwise,” Dru finished for him.

“Selena and I came home a little early”—Oliver crossed his arms over his chest—“to help Christmas in July come off without a hitch.”

“We’re all going to be hanging closer to home for a while.” Travis matched his brother’s determined stance. “At least until your recovery is in a better place, Dad.”

“Because we care about you both.” Dru touched Marsha’s arm near her elbow. “We plan to be here for your meeting with family services next week, too.”

“Whether we want you there or not?” Joe asked.

He still hadn’t looked Marsha’s way. She couldn’t read his expression.

“I want the older kids there,” she heard herself say, not realizing until her knees nearly buckled with relief just how much she’d needed them to be.

Her husband ran a hand over his eyes. “Okay.”

“It could make all the difference in the world,” she reasoned, not liking his longsuffering tone, as if he were agreeing to keep the peace but didn’t mean what he was saying. “It’ll show the county that we’ll have as much support as we need to get through your recovery.”

“Or”—Joe finally turned toward her, his hand clenching around the roll of Christmas wrap—“it’ll prove to them that you and I aren’t capable of taking care of things in our home without help.”

“We can’t right now,” she reminded him. “That’s the point. I’d have had to cancel tonight’s celebration after you left, if the older kids hadn’t been here to pick up the slack.”

“Family stands with family, Dad.” Travis tucked Dru against his side. He and Oliver exchanged a nod.

“Those are our brothers and sisters downstairs,” Oliver added. “This is our home, too. You and Mom made sure we’ve known that from the start.”

“Do you really think,” Dru asked, “you can talk us out of believing it now?”

“No,” Marsha replied without hesitation. “You’re right. This is always going to be your family.”

She confronted her husband.

“The kids get what they need, Joe. And our kids need us to change how we’ve been dealing with—”

“My recovery?” he asked.

“That’s all we want, Dad,” Oliver told him. “We want you to get better.”

“Whatever you need,” Travis agreed, “we’re here to help you get it…”

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cobl-final (1)

Christmas on Bellevue Lane
November 2, 2015
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Can Christmas in July be saved at the Dixon house?

With holiday carols, glittering ornaments and lots of cheer, Marsha and Joe Dixon welcome their new granddaughter to one of their favorite traditions. Marsha’s excited to share memories of her and Joe’s heartwarming love story, to help Camille feel even more a part of the sprawling foster family her grandparents have nurtured for decades.

But Joe’s struggle to recover from his recent heart attack and bypass surgery threatens their fun, and more than just Christmas in July is at stake. If he doesn’t regain his strength and ability to provide financially and emotionally for his family, the Dixon group home might have to close.
With loved ones rallying around and their treasured holiday tradition working its magic, Marsha’s convinced she can talk Joe into embracing the physical therapy he needs.

Will her and the Dixon clan’s Christmas-in-July wish come true?

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