WIN A BEAUTIFUL Hummingbird Ornament like Marsha and Joe Dixons’!

To celebrate Christmas on Bellevue Lane’s release, and to kick of our month-long November Holiday Celebration over on our Facebook Party Page…

We’re giving away this beautiful Laser-Cut Hummingbird Ornament, similar to the treasured memory Marsha and Joe Dixon hang on their tree every year (and during Christmas in July, where our latest holiday novella is set)!

hummingbird ornament circular flower_

Here’s a sneak peak at how much Marsha’s hummingbird ornament
means to her and her family in
Christmas on Bellevue Lane:

“What’s this one, Grammy?” Camille picked up a large crush of aging tissue paper. She peeled back the brittle, glitter-flecked layers, slowly revealing the treasure within. “It’s so pretty.”

Marsha smiled at her granddaughter’s awed expression, tearing up a little at the memories.

I want to give you beautiful things like this every day of our lives, Joe had said when he’d given it to her.

“What is it?” Camille studied the fragile creation more closely.

“It’s a hummingbird.” Marsha brushed her fingers across the tin ornament’s gilded surface.

Its colors had faded over the years. But it was just as beautiful as the first day she’d held it….

LOTS MORE prizes are to come,

Join the party now and comment for your chance to win!


cobl-final (1)

Christmas on Bellevue Lane
November 2, 2015
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Can Christmas in July be saved at the Dixon house?

With holiday carols, glittering ornaments and lots of cheer, Marsha and Joe Dixon welcome their new granddaughter to one of their favorite traditions. Marsha’s excited to share memories of her and Joe’s heartwarming love story, to help Camille feel even more a part of the sprawling foster family her grandparents have nurtured for decades.

But Joe’s struggle to recover from his recent heart attack and bypass surgery threatens their fun, and more than just Christmas in July is at stake. If he doesn’t regain his strength and ability to provide financially and emotionally for his family, the Dixon group home might have to close.
With loved ones rallying around and their treasured holiday tradition working its magic, Marsha’s convinced she can talk Joe into embracing the physical therapy he needs.

Will her and the Dixon clan’s Christmas-in-July wish come true?

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