Pay It Forward Friday: Mentoring

Who do you know, who is where you’ve been, waiting for you to help them stretch their wings and soar far beyond their dreams?

Just about a year ago, I was asked to mentor a math/science wiz at my son’s magnet high school, who wanted to write a novel–a collection of short stories, actually. During our first meeting I realized that she in fact wanted to PUBLISH said novel. And as of this week, twelve months of hard work and back and forth and a lot of generous industry professionals pitching in to help later, she has.

Working with someone with stars in her eyes each time we talked about making her stories better and putting them out in the world for others to read has meant everything to me. I’ve received so much more than I’ve donated to this project, in inspiration and energy and the thrill of witnessing a seemingly impossible dream come true.

More to come on this project–I’ll write a full article soon about her journey and every single goddess in this industry who’s stepped in to make this happen.

But for now, as you help me celebrate Chinye Ijeli’s Fresco, I ask you to consider paying forward your gifts and talents and connections by helping someone else reach their goals and beyond!

Mentoring. This Pay It Forward Friday’s focus. Look into it. You’ll be glad you did!


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  1. Emily Sewell says:

    Cool cover! So glad it’s done.

  2. Jeanne Callahan says:

    What an inspirational blog, Anna! Thanks!

    Jeanne Callahan

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