WINNERS… And Taking on FB again with our next fun Release contest!

We have more winners (from this weekend’s contest which ended midnight last night ;o). And we have another chance for everyone to chime in about there love of music, as I share all week the Jim Croce lyrics that inspired me as I wrote Love on Mimosa Lane. I’m heading back to Facebook to give it another go there, but each day I’ll be posting here as well. Comment on FB or in any of the posts on the blog, or all of them to increase your chances. I’ll select winners randomly from all the comments. NEW CONTEST DETAILS ¬†and MAGIC FACEBOOK DISCLAIMER WORDS below.

But first, our winners (randomly selected from the blog and FB comments):

  • Signed copy of Love on Mimosa Lane: Kathy Arel, who commented on FB on January 25th.
  • $10 Amazon Gift Certificate: Angie M, who commented on the blog on January 25th.

Ladies, please message me on FB or via email at Anna @ annawrites . com, to confirm your mailing address (Kathy) and email address (Angie, so I can send your gift certificate electronically). We’ll get your goodies to you ASAP.

New Contest (look for blog posts all week, in addition to this one, where you can enter).

Music lives with me daily. All my life, I’ve heard it. And I was good at making it for a while, though I was never an artist. I couldn’t create. I could follow notes on a page, but I could never let go of the counting and the visual and the fear of doing it wrong, and just play for the joy of it. Not the way I do with writing. But I HEART MUSIC. So does Law Beaumont in Love on Mimosa Lane.

FINAL LoML Front LowRes

Jim Croce came to me as I thought up Law (and changed his name to match the initials LB…can anyone tell me why?).

Excerpts from JC’s songs were slotted into each LOML chapter heading. They had to come out before publication, of course, for copyright reasons, but their legacy lives on in the story.

time in a bottle

I’ll be sharing Jim Croce inspirations all week, here and on Facebook, in addition to the JC-inspired Pinterest Board I’ve put up. Chat here or on the daily blog posts through Friday or on my Anna DeStefano: Author FB page. I’m hoping to convince you to chat with me about JC or other musicians and lyrics that speak to you–because who wants to be a geeky music nerd, all by herself!

Pin to the JC Pinterest Board. Share photos, pics, videos or whatever on FB. Whatever is fun for you.

I’ll be checking the blog, FB and Pinterest every day, watching. At midnight Friday, I’ll select winners randomly from all the fun. No pressure. No, you don’t have to talk about what I want to talk about. I’ll just be talking JC and LoML, you be talking what moves you. Let’s just talk music, okay?

JC/LoML reveal of the day: My Valentine’s story is is about dreams and wishes that have never come true…and how they can answered by the people who were meant to help us, if we can somehow find a way to trust them after everything we’ve been through in life.

I know, it already sounds a bit heavy for a cheesy romance novel, right?

But it’s the kind of deeper, harder-fought-for, triumphant, joyous story (once I’m done) I love to write. And it’s exactly the kind of vibe I’ve always gotten from Time in a Bottle. Which is why the quote about Croce’s box of regrets being completely empty, except for how his love answered every dream he had, sang in my head every day as I wrote Love on Mimosa Lane.

What music sings to you, saying what you need to hear most, exactly the way you wish you could say it? Let us know in the comments or on FB, or pin something on Pinterest, for today’s chance(s) to win one of the above prizes!

Okay, rehash:

  • Contest ends midnight Friday, 1/31/14.
  • Enter by posting music/lyrics-related in comments/pics/videos/pins here in blog comments, on my Anna DeSefano: Author FB Page, or on my Pinterest page.
  • I’ll randomly select two winners (one each) for the above prizes and announce them on the blog and FB.
  • See magical FB Disclaimer words below.
  • Good luck, everyone ;o) Looking forward to hearing from you.


By commenting/participating, you release Facebook from any involvement in or responsibility for this contest.

The owner of this blog/giveaway acknowledges that this promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook

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5 Responses to “WINNERS… And Taking on FB again with our next fun Release contest!”

  1. Cynthia E. Blain says:

    Isn’t it amazing how music can alter people’s mood and get them thinking about special events or times in their lives?? I feel that every single time that I listen to Lionel Ritchie songs and a few other singers; softer than not music that just calms your mind and your soul and gives you a little trip down “memory lane”. There are other songs that I hear from time to time that do the same and I love getting in the frame of mind of great things that happened in the past and relive them through the music of that special time.


    • I use playlists now, for new novels I’m drafting. Too often (like today, well the last week, since the LoML release), I have to pull my head out of a new story and talk to someone about a previous one. The play list can keep playing as I do, infusing my mind with memories of the emotions and people and situations I’m leaving behind. And when I finally make my way back, it’s as if I didn’t really leave at all. It’s nice, when the playlist is mostly happy tunes. When I’m writing deeper themes and the songs tend to go darker, my mood can get altered in my “real” life, sometimes for months, until I get the words out and the story crafted onto the page (until it finally lets me go, and I get busy being myself again as I rewrite ;o).

  2. Michelle Harlan says:

    LB…Leroy Brown?! If so, I love it!
    I love music…all types! I have such a crazy collection & nothing makes me prouder as a mom than when I see my kids enjoying music, too. None of us can carry a tune, or play an instrument, but music speaks to me & my kids. It’s a way for us to communicate. Recently, my son shared what he thought was a special song with me. It’s called “Living in the Moment”,by Jason Mraz.

    I will not waste my days
    Making up all kinds of ways
    To worry about all the things
    That will not happen to me

    So I just let go of what I know I don’t know
    And I know I’ll only do this by
    Living in the moment
    Living our life
    Easy and breezy
    With peace in my mind
    With peace in my heart
    Peace in my soul
    Wherever I’m going, I’m already home
    Living in the moment

    The lyrics are so perfect! It’s a special song for us, because I have Lupus and I’m always telling my kids to enjoy every day, because we never know how many we’ll have.

    • LOL, yeah, Michelle. Leroy Brown. Not very cryptic, I know ;O)

      I HEART that music is how you stay connected to your kids. I’m sure it’s not the only way, but it’s such a strong tie, right?

  3. anne says:

    Music has captivated my heart and soul especially when I hear Edith Piaf and her heartrending voice. The emotions that invade my thoughts are sadness but filled with hope. When I listen to opera and especially O Mio Babbino Caro by Puccini I am transported to another era which I pine for. When I was young I used to listen to opera with my father every Saturday afternoon, when he played records on his stereo. My appreciation of this beauty still is unforgettable and special to me.

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