Would would you do with two free books? And other Facebook disasters ;o)


We have winners, everyone ;o) And I heard from earmuffs! And we’re going to have a week-long blog contest next, starting today (see my next blog post, later this morning) where you can post on FB OR on the blog (or both), and we’ll try not to get thrown in the pokie for raising hell in our bad, bad way.

Until the, Earmuffs had revealed herself to be... Marcia Boswell Carney! Congrats to Marcia, who’ll be receiving two signed copies of Love on Mimosa Lane.

And the bonus signed copy of the book and the $10 Amazon gift card go to… Audra Holtwick! Audro, look for an email from me, asking for your mailing address for your book, and to confirm the email address I should send the gift card to.

Thanks again for playing, everyone, and for being so patient with the FB meltdown. Come out and be naughty with me again in our Release Week 2 Contest (which I have to go post now and share all over Facebook ;o)


Okay, so Facebook has a lot of rules. Evidently my fans having a blast telling me what they’d do with two free signed copies of my spankin’ new Love on Mimosa Lane is against the rules. Either because I didn’t include the magic FB disclaimer words (see below for magic FB disclaimer words), or someone got in a snit and reported our fun as spam (see HATERS).

FINAL LoML Front LowRes

Anyhoodles, the contest was supposed to end with me announcing the winner…but FB pulled the post and all the entrants, including their FB contact information (see REALLY???). Fear not, I remember the post that made me spit Diet Coke onto my keyboard (see ARGH!). Now all I need is a FB contact to go with the entrant whose answer was something close to:

Given the weather outside, I’d find a way to fashion earmuffs out of them.

OMG. If I could be that funny, that succinctly, that perfectly, I’d make a living as a comedic writer rather than a snarky/angsty one (see NOT A CHANCE IN HELL).

So, “Earmuffs,” If you find your way to this blog post which I’ll be posting all over Facebook (see below again for magic FB disclaimer words), please message me at my Anna DeStefano: Author FB Page and claim your prize.

But there’s more (see SHAMELESS INFOMERCIAL GIRL)! I promised that if you shared our post of shameful FB fun, you’d be in the running for a Bonus Prize: a signed copy of Love on Mimosa Lane AND a $10 Amazon gift card. Can’t leave you hanging on that my friends, even though the details of who shared the original contest post have also been atomized.

Which leaves me to (see DRUM ROLL PLEASE), this real purpose of this blog post, which is to get rid of that dang $10 gift card and signed book burning a hole in my cyber pockets (see ANXIOUS WRITER FLIPPING MIDDLE FINGER AT FB and hoping fans will understand/join her) (see below AGAIN for magic FB disclaimer words):

Comment below, using an email address that can I contact you at if you win,
on how much more fun we can have on my blog, than in some lame FB post that gives us no room to stretch out in.

You have until midnight tonight (Friday, 1/24/14).

One randomly selected winner will receive the prize one of my enthusiastic FB fans should have Wednesday. I’ll do the random selecting. (see below FOR THE LAST TIME, PROMISE!, for magic FB disclaimer words).

Oh, and if you take it upon yourself to share this blog link or one of the FB statuses that will announce it, I’d have no way of tracking it, so it’ s on you, since it’s strictly forbidden for us to have fun that way in any official capacity (see ANNA DOESN’T LIKE TO BE TOLD HOW TO HAVE FUN!).

Any questions?

Anyone else feel better now?


By commenting/participating, you release Facebook from any involvement in or responsibility for this contest.
The owner of this blog/giveaway acknowledges that this promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.

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28 Responses to “Would would you do with two free books? And other Facebook disasters ;o)”

  1. Helena R says:

    God if FB was such crap we’d have a blast. They are almost communist like… Demanding payment to endorse a post that they don’t even let people see… Hate Facebook! Lol

  2. Marina Marinova says:

    Dear Anna DeStefano :) ,

    I completely understand your rage against Fb. Lately, if I try to tag friends they ask me for some stupid verification, I cannot post links because they consider them as spam, and most annoyingly I don’t see the posts from pages I am following and I specifically noted that I want to get notifications. And I know that we are not the only one. A friend of mine lost all her personal messages, another one was missing the side bars for chat and notification for a few hours and so on and so on.

    But in any case we can have fun here :)

  3. Marla Alleman says:

    Love visiting Mimosa Lane.

  4. susan murra says:

    So much more fun to be had on your blog. go for it girl.
    i would like to win something anything would be nice

  5. Roswita says:

    I’m here! But I can’t remember what I wrote the first time. I’m sure it was incredibly witty, however. So now, if I had two books, I would keep one copy as a spare for when I read the first copy to death. Or I would share it with my sister :-)

  6. Lisa Downs says:

    I’m new to blogs but I think I will enjoy it. Loving Mimosa Lane!

  7. Agnes Zelgert says:

    I so enjoy reading and would look forward to reading Love on Mimosa Lane. I really appreciate your efforts to promote your book, sorry about FB and its hassles. I signed up for the newsletters so I keep in touch outside of FB.

  8. Kathy says:

    I would love to win a book and sorry about facebook, I ashot them the finger for you

  9. AllisonC says:

    Great post! Full of humor…of which I am sorely in need of today (see IT MAY BE FRIDAY BUT I’M STILL MIZ CRANKYPANTS).

    What would I do with free books? READ them over and over (I’m on read #15 of a Julia Quinn book, so I really do read again and again!). (see NEENER NEENER NEENER, FB!)

    I’ma gonna share your blog on facebook as well so other people may partake in your humorous post (see TAKE THAT, FACEBOOK, AND STICK IT WHERE YOU WILL SINCE THE SUN AIN’T SHINING IN YOUR WORLD).


    • Sokolov says:

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  10. Winnie Lim says:

    Hi Anna,

    Totally understand your frustration. Although I haven’t had problems with FB yet, I had a lot of problems with twitter. Apparently I had indiscriminately follow too many people and my account was suspended with no explanations. I emailed them but didn’t get any reply either. I decided to give up on Twitter.

    Although I think FB is a much easier platform, I think a blog would be pretty fun too. Good luck!!

  11. You guys are cracking me up, making my day, giving me THE BEST sense of, “you can’t control me….”

    You know exactly what a nutty author girl needs on a Friday release-week morning ;o)

    Stay tuned for today’s winner (and someone out there find me Earmuffs!), and for lots more games and giveaways (on the blog, dammit, because we own this world) to come over the next few weeks, as Love on Mimosa Lane kicks into higher gear!

  12. Katheen O says:

    The Rules on Facebook change from day to day… Just can’t keep up.. I am not sure what I put on your page the last time, but I like to read blogs from time to time.. So this is another great opportunity to say how much I love your books.. Thanks…

    • Arif says:

      . Your favorite jcafitsuition appeared to be on the internet the easiest thing to be aware of. I say to you, I definitely get irked while people consider worries that they just do not know about. You managed to hit the nail upon the top and also defined out the whole thing without having side-effects , people can take a signal. Will likely be back to get more. Thanks

  13. Fern Martin says:

    You are all making me laugh with your posts. I love it. I keep reading your snippets everyday thinking that I need to get this book. Where does the series start and will I miss a lot of back information if I don’t start at the beginning? I know I will enjoy these books very much..

    • You can read each book on it’s own. They’re written to be a great read, stand-alone. BUT if you want to read about the entire Mimosa Lane community (and Chandlerville, where the next series of books will be set, too), look for Book 1, Christmas on Mimosa Lane, and Book 2, Three Days on Mimosa Lane…

  14. Audra Holtwick says:

    Keep up the fight Girl! Girls just wanna have fun!!

  15. Amyc says:

    I heard this morning that in a few years Facebook will be obsolete. While they go bye bye, we can still be here laughing. :)
    Facebook been a pain lately and I haven’t been getting on as much as I used too. I would much rather be reading a blog post by you than their spammy advertisements on my newsfeed.

  16. anne says:

    Thanks for your lovely post and this opportunity. Love on Mimosa Lane would be memorable and a treasure.

  17. Emma says:

    if I had two books I would keep one copy and give the other one to a friend. Love on Mimosa Lane sounds wonderful.Thank you for the opportunity to win.I enjoy reading your books.

  18. Jennifer Green says:

    What’s needed is more competition. I’m not fond of either fb or Twitter. Both are very much over hyped. They both promise but don’t deliver!

    I haven’t had an opportunity to start your Mimosa series yet but would love to!! A win would be a perfect kick-start!

  19. Hope Stern says:

    Two things: they say the younger set are running away from FB in droves…lets just for a while consider ourselves one of those youngins leaving FB in droves…
    and two, lets get that blender going and pretend it is hot and sandy here…and we have our Mimosa’s to keep us cool!

    Sigh, fellow readers….


  20. Cheryl Lemon says:

    I recently preorder the same book twice and Amazon told me to keep it. And gave me a refund. I’m giving the book to my sister-in-law.

  21. Joyce M. says:

    I’m not on fb and from what I hear I wouldn’t want it.

  22. Patricia Cochran says:

    The first copy will be enjoyed by my daughters, my sister, my niece,
    and myself. We are all fans. The second copy would join the books I
    am assembling for a trip to our area nursing home. Thanks for the

    Pat C.

  23. Walt M says:


    If I had two of your Mimosa Lane books, I would give them away as I have all three of your Mimosa Lane books. (Not funny but it is true.)

    One way to have fun would be to flash the backwords peace sign, which is the European equivalent of FB. Then you could say, “Hey, FB. Peace!” :-)

  24. Angie Malone says:

    I have a problem with people who try to ruin a good time! I’m not reading right now because I don’t want Love on Mimosa Lane to end! Thanks for writing such great books!

  25. Virginia H says:

    I would rather go to a blog then on facebook, I get more info that way! If I had your books I would be reading them right now.

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