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What to do when you’ve been working hard with a publicist since the holidays on big plans elsewhere, and you want to blast back into the blog in a big way???

Why you share excerpts from Love on Mimosa Lane that you’re dying for your friends to love as much as you do ;o)

FINAL LoML Front LowRes

Below are a few of the excerpts I’m posting daily on my Anna DeStefano Author Facebook page.

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Love on Mimosa Lane Excerpts

FINAL LoML Front LowRes

“…If you want me” —Law crossed his arms over his chest,
his energy shifting from reserved to hostile,
challenging her when she never backed down from a
challenge—“this is how you get me.”

It was on the tip of Kristen’s tongue to tell him she’d take him
however she could get him. She swallowed the unwise comeback…


“I see.” Kristen WAS seeing Law—and liking far too much.

She preferred her men clean-cut, tailored, and conservative,
and so incapable of surprising her that she could practically choreograph their dates before a guy picked her up. How could
someone in wrinkled jeans and a ratty metal-band T-shirt,
who’d clearly just rolled out of bed, be getting to her this way?

“You see what?” He shot her an unfathomable glance,
full of intelligence and wit that she found perversely charming…


Law had beaten a hasty retreat from Kristen’s impassioned plea

on Fin’s behalf. He’d intended to head for his truck and forget
everything that spending five minutes with her had made him
think and feel and doubt. But Fin had been there. And then Law
had been standing next to the kid, damn it. And he was still
standing there, still wanting to take the easy way out, but pinned
by the boy’s angry, detached gaze.

There was something in the air around Fin. He had the edge
of a hoodlum who was taking in everything that was said and
done without letting on that he cared about any of it. The
way the other boys had moved around and away from Fin made
it clear they thought he was a punk. Except he wasn’t. Law
couldn’t have said exactly how he knew that, but he did.


Kristen rambled when she was overstressed or intimidated.
She hadn’t rambled since she was a teenager.

But she liked the feel of Law holding her feet to the fire. She liked him, period, a whole lot more than she could afford to. She’d be happy to stand there all day, verbally sparring with the man, searching for a way beneath his control, the way he’d effortlessly rattled hers. And instead, she needed to do what she’d asked him to school to do, and then get Law the hell away from her again.

She cleared her throat and looked him in the eye—at least,
she would have been looking him in the eye, if he weren’t ignoring
her again…


“So you think Fin is a lost cause?” Kristen asked.

“I didn’t say that,” Law replied.

“Then what did you say?”

He shook his head, looking down at her—actually looking
down at her, because he was so tall. She couldn’t remember the
last time that had happened. She couldn’t remember the last time
she’d cared enough to notice whether or not a man she was talking
with was her height or taller.

“This is a really bad idea,” he said, “both of us being here,
hoping the other one would be here, too.”

She nodded. She didn’t bother to pretend he wasn’t the main
reason she’d come. She could have called the Dixons to ask about
Fin. She could have waited until the morning for their update.
But despite Mallory’s warning, maybe because of it, Kristen
hadn’t been able to stay away from Pockets.

She and Law were standing a respectable distance apart. But
having the entire bowling center between them hadn’t been far
enough. They were getting closer. Neither one of them was going
to back off this time, good idea or not. She could feel it, thinking
about everything she thought she understood about this man’s
past and everything she didn’t. But there was so much goodness
in him, it pulled her in every time.

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