The Woods Are Lovely Dark and Deep…

The Woods Are Lovely Dark and Deep ~Robert Frost

Nature drives us, when we revel in its mysteries. Earth, water and sky surround and inspire and guide and cloak. We build walls and roofs and pave over the dirt and install artificial climate and run electronic entertainment that drowns out a lot. But it’s there: the woods waiting for us to explore. The lovely, dark and deep surprises of living…

woods flowers sunrise

In between the distractions,  life insists that we focus. We’re so lucky that it does.

My life has insisted for the last couple of months. Attention had to be paid. I’m climbing back to the surface of all that’s “other.” Not the least of which because Three Days on Mimosa Lane launches next Tuesday, July 23rd.

In it, was supposed to be a collection of my favorite Robert Frost poems about the living that finds us when we least expect it. Hence the quote above, and the blogging I’ll be doing regularly again. Look for the Pinterest album that will collect them all as I chat about them. Come back and share what your favorites mean to you. I suspect I’m not the only RF fan out there.

The poems were removed from the final draft of the novel (one of the many surprises), because of copyright issues. But inspiration cannot be silenced. So let’s talk about the woods.

woods green flowers

For me, they are full of wind and song and company, even when I’m there alone. Teaming with life and history and dreams and premonition, sometimes when I’m hiking interior to a waterfall or just a beautiful meadow someone’s told me about, I’m where I’ve always belonged, even though I’ve never been.

We don’t belong to the stress and the chaos and distractions of our every days. They are our days and we survive them, but they’re not our living. Our living is when we explore. Beyond home’s windows and comforts is the  the lovely, dark exploration that surprises us: the woods that our souls seek.

Unchained from my desk soon, I’ll be reveling in my woods. They feed me.

woods flowers

Where do you go, to find the mysteries that sustain you?

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One Response to “The Woods Are Lovely Dark and Deep…”

  1. Jackie Allen says:

    I too like the poetry of Robert Frost. Most of all I love wandering through the woods, or viewing them from my mountain home’s windows, or, writing about them, and reliving times when I was growing up in the Cumberland Mountains of Applachia. The mountains were my playground. Peace seems to reign there, in the mountains, even though the ravages of time, and the elements of weather are ever present,. Fallen branches across a pond, the sight of a bear, a doe with her little fawn skipping and hopping behind her, the sound of the waterfalls, the pleasure of coming upon wildflowers, the wind blowing in my hair,…all highten my senses and provide a period of blessed relief from stress and distraction. In the mountains my spirits are lifted, and I am renewed.

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