Deadline Dementia=Shoes. Simple math. Right?

Yeah, it’s writing fifteen hours a day or so time. And I’m mom-sitting, while my mother recovers from minor surgery. So I need a break, every now and then. And breaks are made for shoe dreams, right?

I’ve heard from a lot of blog followers that I NEVER do Shoes are My Heroine anymore. And it’s not that I’m not still obsessed about the little dears, as much as it’s that I’m saving for college (not mine, but the kiddos) and doing things like buying insulated windows and siding and a new air conditioner for the house. And then there are the cars that we own outright, but they keep needing pesky repairs to stuff like the transmissions and so forth, because I REALLY dig not having a car payment, even more than I love shoes. Well, almost as much as I love shoes, anyway.

But, a girl with deadline dementia needs her some shoe dreams to get her through, and I’m on my fourth killer deadline in a year. I’m not complaining, mind you. I’m a lucky writer, and I don’t let a day go by that I don’t take a moment and revel in that. My good fortune, and my obsession with shoes.

So…this spring, I’m DYING for some new chunky heels.

And if I didn’t have looming college debt on my horizon, these pale pink, patent, Lucite-heeled beauties, SO modern-day Cinderella, would be mine so fast, you’d pull back a bloody stump if you tried to reach in front of me.

stuart Weitzman theone pinkOr maybe I should be more practical…when you’re wearing your PJs all day, with Medusa hair to round out your look, while you’re being fanned by the cabana boy, who’s also peeling you grapes, some snake skin slides are a good way to go. Actually, snake-skin slides are always a good way to go.

stuart weitzman baker snakeskin

But I have to say that THESE are so color blocked, sixties, PERFECT, that I can just picture myself taking a mind-melted break from drafting, say around 2 or 3 in the morning, and doing the Laugh In, Goldie Hawn dancing thing in the middle of my office. Who wants to join me?!


Which are your faves? Which should I buy?

Where would you be kicking them around? And what does your cabana boy look like? And, have you been following Shoes Are My Heroin long enough to guess who makes these amazing creations? It’s one of my favorite designers for events when I travel. Anyone? Anyone???

Okay (grumble, grumble). Back to the writing and mom-sitting…

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2 Responses to “Deadline Dementia=Shoes. Simple math. Right?”

  1. Kim Terry says:

    Snake-skins, hands down. :-)

  2. Kim Terry says:

    For me, btw, it’s “purse heroin.” ;-) )

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