Shiny days…

Some days are built for staring at the shine of the unexpectedly magnificant, as it casts its perfection on your life.

shiny days

Today is one of those days for me. Christmas on Mimosa Lane is selling far and beyond anyone’s expectations, hitting too many Amazon best seller lists to count. And it’s only the first full week in November. And today it’s being spotlighted not only on Kindle’s Daily Blog, but also Fresh Fiction.

It’s one of those days, even when I have another book to write, where I’m going to sit back and take in the gold and diamonds reflecting off the water beyond my window and remind myself of just how lucky I am to be a writer and to have found readers out there in the ether who take my words in, give them a warm, loving place to thrive, and hopefully enjoy just a bit of what I wanted them to see.

So, be kind to this shiny-struck author and leave a comment on the Kindle Blog, so my editors thing someone’s listening ;o)

And go win a $10 Amazon gift certificate on Fresh Fiction.

And please, Please, PLEASE, take in a bit of the sparkle that is your day!

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  1. Jess W says:

    I just read an excerpt from this book while browsing fresh fiction. It completely sucked me in. This book is now on my “get it as soon as I can” list!

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