The Best of North Georgia: Eating…

Yes, I’m gluten-free and I have to watch my sugar intake and my thyroid makes it difficult for me to feel hungry at all sometimes, but this southern girl knows good eatin’. And when you’re in the mood for it, there’s nothing like the the flavors and variety of Georgia cooking. Top of the list? One of my favorite mountain meal destinations–The Dillard House.

front of restraunt

Keep in mind I grew up in a family that was half-full of farm people. When I say that The Dillard House’s fresh veggies and southern-prepared casseroles are the best EVER, I know of which I rave. And while I’m not much into animal protien, I’ve always on the prowl  for meat options that hearken to yester-memories. And there’s something for everyone at this special slice of heaven on earth. Take a look at a typicl menu.

dillard house menu

They serve family style–bringing platters of food to your table for everyone to pass and share. Second helpings a must of whatever is fresh and in season and amazingly well prepared. But even with their “down home cooking at it’s best” (and I wouldn’t say it’s always the most healthy eating, but if it’s only a once-in-a-while treat, what could it hurt, right?), The Dillard House is so much more.

It’s also a destination/inn with hote-like rooms as well as cabins. They do events and group reservations and they’re in one of the most beautiful parts of the North Georgia Mountians. It’s something to see and feel and breathe in and take home with you and be dying to come back to. Look at one of the views…

dillard house porch mountain views

I’ll write this special place into a book some day, one of my Seasons of The Heart novels to be certain. Everyone I’ve brought here has been dying to come back. There’s a touch of magic in what they create.

You should get you some of this.

You really should!

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