The Soul of the Matter: Not knowing when the dawn will come…

“Not knowing when the dawn will come I open every door.” ~~Emily Dickinson

This poem opens so many windows in my mind, which is why I selected it to lead the first chapter of Mallory Phillips’ story. She’s lost and running and yet searching so hard for a home to call her own, just like Polly, the little girl who barges into her life one chilly fall morning.


The world (and Polly) barrels into Mallory’s life, whether she’s ready or not. Her chance has arrived to open her heart and truly believe in the power of change and redemption and transforming herself by letting others in so they, too, can be all they were meant to be. And all they’re meant to be to her.

Like many of us, Mallory’s tried and failed in the past. She’s feeling like the emptiness inside her is all she’ll ever really know. She’s living in the midst of a beautiful world she’s fought so hard to make a home in, and like Emily Dickinson Mallory’s feeling just as alone as she ever did, unable to connect with the people and places and holiday beauty around her.

Except she can’t NOT identify with Polly’s longing for her mother. Mallory recognizes her chance to help another lost little girl not make the mistakes she did at the same age. By trying to spare Polly the same lonely road Mallory’s walked, will she finally find the family of her own she’s always dreamed of?

But before any of this happens, Mallory, like us, has to open that door.

Not knowing if this chance will turn out better than all the others, or if she’ll fail again and feel worse because she’s believed one more time in the life she’s never been able to grab for herself, Mallory has to try.

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Sometimes life kicks down our door with a surprising opportunity to grow and change…

May we alwasy embrace that gift when it comes to us!

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