The Best of North Georgia: Pottery!

Nothing could be more marvelous than discovering an artist in her natural habitat. Finding Cindy Angliss in her Hickory Flat Pottery studio is one of my favorite surprises after wandering about the North Georgia mountains over the last few years. Yes, I’m most often hunting interior waterfalls. But magnificent discoveries have a way of stopping me in my tracks from time to time with a wonder I hadn’t expected. Cindy’s artist’s story (mostly self-taught, with an eclectic but refined approach to shapes and glazes that draws me in like a painting each time I visit) and the location she’s chosen for her professional and personal home (close to Lake Burton and Helen) sucked me in the first time I visited…

Click on the first link above to read more, follow her events, receive her newsletter, and FIND HER the next time you’re out this way for and adventure. But for this Best of North Georgia post, let me leave you with her vision…

There’s an Asian technique in her glazing that demanded I buy this canister set after looking for just the right one for years. It now lives on my kitchen counter, holding the flower, sugar, etc. I use every day.

HF Pottery canisters

Here’s the same glaze, Mountain sunrise, on a tray–do you see the ridges and water and clouds and trees on the horizon that inspired her as she played with the technique?

HF Pottery glaze mountain water sunrise

A bird’s nest to die for, with her Mountain SunSET pattern.

HF Pottery bird nest mountain sunset glaze

Tea pots of unusual shapes abound.Nothing’s ever exactly the same as its neighbor/twin. And you can almost see her fingers forming each piece…

HF Pottery tea pots

I’m inspired every time I visit–like I am when I walk into a museum.

And just to keep things moving along, her guest artists never fail to impress.

I just bought a tumbler from this Sunset Canyon Pottery collection.A smooth finish on the bottom that morphs into something closer to the feel of terracotta at the top.

HF Pottery Canyon Pottery just bought tumbler

And I’m dying for a piece of one of these David Morgan patterns, if there’s ever any of it left in the studio when I stop by.

HF Pottery David Morgan want

Art thrives along side nature in the North Georgia mountains. Don’t let time slip away without finding your place in its beauty. Rest assured, you’ll find me writing and dreaming and hiking up there as many weekends and mid-week retreats as I can slip away…

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  1. Pat Lieberman says:

    Very interesting info. The pieces are beautiful. Hope you get one of the David Morgan’s.

  2. Pat Cochran says:

    Gorgeous! Ms. Angliss’ pottery is just that -
    lovely work!

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