The Soul of The Matter: Islands in the stream…

Sometimes you just need to go away. In your mind, in your world, and sometimes to a totally different place than you’ve never been. Going away and coming back are recurring themes in my writing, whether I use amnesia to symbolize it or physically send a character on a journey or bring the change into my book’s world, tossing and twisting everything about until¬†things look and feel totally different. Because shaking things up is a what life’s about, whether we like change or not.

water cover color

Me, I’ve never been so keen on the changes. I’d like life to be a placid sea of calm. Guess how often that’s been my reality… Yeah. Not so much. And I’m not really sure how I’d handle the reality if¬†life were ever to become that predictable. I mean, I DO write new people and new worlds and new realities into existence for a living. But that’s more going away into my mind, right? It’ s not like I’m messing with my own sense of stability, just to keep myself on my toes. Or am I?

I’m actually a firm believer that we can too often avoid the things and people that we want most. It can be easier that way–no risk, no commitment, no disappointment if it doesn’t work out. Life gets its own ideas though, and it tends to have a good sense of what we need as well, and those things we’re avoiding come to us whether we’re ready or not, floating by like perfect chances for happiness, if we’re brave enough to reach out and grab them.

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I feel that way about the books and characters and stories I write, and about the opportunities I sieze, even when they don’t always seem like the wisest or safest ideas at the time. My career in publishing (ever writer’s publishing career these days), is one risky venture after another. And I’ve been risking a lot the first six months of this year–me on my island, telling myself to reach out and grab what feels right, even if it means going away from feeling safe and maybe not coming back for a long, long time.

So here’s to risk-taking, even if risk terrifies you. Here’s to racing into the “new” even though the “old” feels safer. Here’s to putting it all on the line, when something juicy and exciting floats by, only it would be safer to let it go rather than make it your own…

I’ve “gone fishing” this week to finish revising the second novel I’ve agreed to write this year–both of which were due by the first of June… The pictures I’ve thrown in above are from my morning and evening walks by the sea that I almost didn’t get to take–because I almost backed out of coming, I had so much work to do.

But sometimes, you need to step off your island, into the stream that’s feeding you and inspiring you and showing you the way to your dreams.

starfish water

Take that risk yourself this week, my friends. Dream big, live large, risk it all, leave nothing untried or untested. Say yes, more than you say no. Reach your hand into the stream bringing your next opportunity to you. Go away and grab something amazing, so you can bring it back and make it part of your world forever…

Sunset water boat

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3 Responses to “The Soul of The Matter: Islands in the stream…”

  1. Ginny Lynn says:

    I envy the freedom that you’ve forced upon yourself. I need a “break” something fierce and am urgently seeking it. Last year I dove into a new career and even went to college,as a 40 year old who’d never gone before. I’m pushing to see what my limits are and I’m not afraid of what could be in front of me. I’ve pushed my anxieties and insecurities aside to not only sign up with GRW/RWA but to even enter contests to shake myself from my solemn wall flower soul. I love this and I’m not looking back. Hurray and good luck on your journey:-)

  2. robena grant says:

    Hope you have a wonderful trip and come back home with your energy and your muse restored. There’s nothing like sitting on a beach or by a lake or river for that.

  3. JOYE says:

    When I want to take a break, I love baking. I am on a strict diet so have to select sweet recipes that don’t use sugar. it is a challenge so I think that is why I can relax and get back in my groove. i also like to take time to work in my flower garden.
    Enjoyed viewing the photos.

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