Dream Theories: Premonitions, Schemonitions?

Do you dream events before they occur? Do you believe the things you dream to the point where you look  for links to your waking life? While dream symbols and imagery shouldn’t be taken literally, there are many who believe, as I do, that our subconscious, sleepings minds work hard to learn from our experiences and teach us when they can, how to better deal with our “real” lives.

Unforeseen events, warnings, daja vu, illogical or irrational outcomes that somehow manage to come true…do you have to be psychic to believe that dreams can share things like this? I don’t think so. I’ve had my own premonitions for years, sometimes not realizing that’s what they were until the unforeseen event begins to play out, reminding me that I’ve “seen” something like this before. Scary, right?

dream purpose


That kind of heightened awareness can be spooky at first, but it can also be reassuring as you find your way through whatever event or potential conflict you face. It’s not so much about accuracy as it is about learning that your instincts talk to you in a lot of different ways, and they tend to keep talking until you pay attention ;o) Even if your subconscious has to weave stories within your dreams, in order for you to “see” what you need to see.


No, I’m not saying this sort of thing happens all the time, though I keep working premonition dreams into the fiction I write on a frequent enough basis that interviewers and book bloggers always ask when I’m going to do it again, LOL! I’m not saying everything you experience in a dream will come true. In fact, most dreams are about things that have already happened and what you should learn from the experience that your sleeping mind is storing away in your memory.

And, no,  you don’t have to be psychic to get something tangible out of your dream life.. The trends and patterns of the forward-thinking parts of your dreams are something to follow closely, if you’re one of those lucky people who actually do remember what you’ve experienced once you wake. There’s good stuff in there. There’s your very intuitive brain, process and analyzing and hinting at things to be on the look out for, opportunities you’re overlooking, or hidden difficulties you could avoid if you plan well enough in advance.

good stuff

Of course, most of my heroines, including my latest, Shaw Cassidy, in Her Forgotten Betrayal, must remember what they’re dreaming and heed the warnings their nightmares are shouting at them, or there will be much danger ahead. But that’s because I often write creepy suspenses. Our normal dream patters are far more calm and healing. They’often hinting and possibility, not danger, and potential for self-improvement, not who the killer stalking us might be ;o)

So listen next time, when you get the chance to go back over a dream. Feel the emotions that stay with you, take a closer at the imagery that remains in your mind once you wake. What kinds of real-life hopes and dreams might they be standing in for as you sleep, and how are they suggesting that you go after what you really want most, in order to achieve the best possible result?

Let you dreams inspire you. Let them paint a brighter future.

Anyone want to share a few personal experiences???

I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours ;o)


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