Dream Theories: What’s chasing you?

I haven’t been blogging about dreams lately. Folks have been complaining. A lot. Honestly, I’ve been negligent for a good reason. Promise. I’ve been WRITING about dreams again, instead. And then revising. A lot. Particularly, about  nightmares again, this time of being chased. Bwahahaha… I’ve been digging deeper into all the levels of meaning that dreams like this present, doing my best to capture them for both my heroine and my readers. So, as we snap back to weekly Dream Theories posts, let’s see what I found out as I researched and created my latest novel…


Remember, dreams are about your subconscious telling you things, and processing things, you don’t typically see in your waking world. DON”T take dream images literally, no matter how disturbing they can be. Look deeper for the what the images could represent (about both others and yourself). Feel the emotions associated with what’s happening, rather than worrying about how even the most disturbing dream situations might actually come to be. Normally, they won’t. But, your mind is trying to tell you something, and our emotions are a direct conduit to what that might be.

Chasing/running dreams, as in my newest, nightmare-based gothic suspense Her Forgotten Betrayal, are about things or issues or people that you’re avoiding. In my Dead Sexy series launch book (from Entangled Publishing), the heroine’s an amnesiac, and the question is, why? Her mind is shutting her memory down completely in order to avoid something. What? Or, in my protagonist’s situation, who is she refusing to remember? Shaw knows it’s a man, or does she? The guy has no face, and she recognizes his voice, but she can’t remember why. In fact, in the dream, everything makes sense. When she wakes, it all goes away. Hmmmm…

chasing dreams legs

In reality, and my heroine Shaw Cassiday’s case, maybe what we’re running from (avoiding) in our chasing dreams is more of an idea. A situation. A long-held belief. Maybe it’s time to switch things up, and we know it, and we’re just not wanting to do the work. Or see the reality that’s hounding us. Change is painful. Our dreams can be safer ways to ease into these tough transitions, or to work out the fears about what’s to come, until we’re ready to life that truth in the “real” world.

chasing dreams being chased

My character’s dreams begin to change from Page 1 on, each new clue in each new dream pushing her closer and closer to the truth she needs to see. Even though her damaged waking mind won’t yet allow her to see how all the pieces flow together into a complete image of what she’s forgotten–or what she needs to do next. Our dreams can leave us the same kinds of road maps and markers and guideposts. Recurring themes and colors and voices and even animals (look back at old Dream Theories posts for discussions of many of these dream symbols) are key. As soon as you wake, try to write down (or discuss with someone) these seemingly minor details. Their significance might just blow you away, once you see the bigger picture.

Should you try to avoid “chasing” dreams, especially the dark and scary ones? Most experts advise against avoiding it. Your subconscious is a powerful part of your world view. You’re dealing with these underlying issues, whether you’re actively recognizing them or not. Why not use this as an opportunity to take new stock? Why not face what’s on your sleeping mind and run for that goal (or do the hard work of disengaging yourself from whatever threat you’re feeling?). Why not chase what you want most, instead of letting something unseen continue to stalk you?

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In Her Forgotten Betrayal, Shaw must face a life-long demon, or she’ll never stop running. She’ll never claim her dream-come-true. And putting off that hard work might not just cost her life, but the life of the man she loves. Bwahahahaha… Because this is fiction, folks, and I have to give you readers the hooks and drama they come to gothic romantic suspense to devour. Just like I have to mess with my characters’ minds in these types of psychological thrillers…well, I don’t HAVE to, but it’s tons of fun ;o)

So, think a little more deeply about the next chasing dream you have. And, in your waking life, think about being the chaser yourself. Stalk what’s at the heart of your dreams, run after it with abandon, until you finally have what your heart desires most ;o) After all, remember that my goal is to get us all to stop and look and see “the soul of the matter,” especially with our dreams!

In the mean time, look for Her Forgotten Betrayal to be available May 15th. I’ll be posting more news as it comes in (I already have some awesome cover quotes and early reviews, there will be great prizes and excerpts during the blog tour, and I’m betting Entangled will have some fun stuff lined up, too ;o).

And if you’re super interested in “chasing” as a dream symbol, here are some other articles to peak at!

Next week, Dr. C. is back–don’t miss her latest visit!

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  1. Looking forward to your new book.
    I rarely remember my dreams. And I never remember nightmares. Not sure why because I have just as much fear as the next person, more than some.

  2. Anna,

    Having just read your fabulous book, Dark Legacy, I thought i would take a quick look at your website. Surprisingly, finding my website referenced within this post! So, a big thank you for the wonderful compliment. Luckily, I live in the UK so I am fortunate to be a member of an ancient private library that has many old dream dictionaries which was used to gather the meaning of Chasing in a dream on auntyflo.com. If you are carrying out research I have many of these ancient books in Pdf format that I can send you. Anyway, keep up the great writing work. Florance Saul x

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