I Hear the Craziest Things: Solar Flares, Kenetic Energy, My Dysfunctional Reaction to Stress

This should be a Psychic Realm post. Sadly (comically?), instead it’s my life. On the way to being scanned for possible signs of returning cancer (there were NONE, so YAY!), my reality went haywire, as it often does on already-difficult days. “Solar Flares,” some said. “Your kinetic energy misbehaves when you’re stressed,” my alternative friends remind me. “Karma?” others asked. You be the judge.

solar flare

When I’m stressed, I do tend to have an electric/magnetic effect on the world around me. And I was stressed last Thursday. This was the final ultrasound/biopsy that would tell me (hopefully) that I could stop seeing this particular specialist except for future once-a-year, no-big-deal, you’re-all-clear-but-let’s-just-check followups.

This is the specialist, after a long string of doctors, who 2 1/2 years ago blew my world apart and said, “Your chances of this being cancer are too high NOT to have the surgery.” End my thriving publishing career. End every part of my life since (until recently) that wasn’t about getting healthy again, after surgery destroyed what was until that point my “disgustingly healthy” endocrine system.

stress bang head

So, no, my state of mind each time I visit this particular medical office isn’t at its zen best. Poor doctor man. I must positively be bleeding anxious, neurotic energy by the time his ultrasound tech does my scans and I have to face him and his needles…

Not sure what I mean?

Life beginning last Thursday morning went something like this:

  • Ominous blip on my social media horizon.Things were getting crunchy when I tried to post or whatever. And I’d heard the sun’s latest solar flares might be making things wacky that day. Thank goodness I’d be off-line for most of it… So I shut the systems down, took my iPad with me to read another author’s full for my editing job, and off I went to the be poked and prodded.
  • Gridlock getting to the best medical center in GA for my condition.
  • Arrive at parking deck late for my appointment. Steam/smoke billowing from beneath the hood of my baby, my 16-year-old Maxima, Bessie, whom I never want to lose her engine still runs so beautifully.
  • Cell phone drops connection as I 911 husband. Three times.
  • Insurance snafu at check-in that might cancel my appointment. Of course. Only, half an hour later, not a snafu. Their bad. How could their files have gotten so mixed up all of a sudden?
  • Nurse’s computer loses it’s WIFI link FOUR times. She can’t  update my patient info.
  • Return home from the odyssey with a thankfully all-clear result, still-working car, and a migraine.
  • Turn computer back on. CRASH!
  • Friday (with a “fixed” computer saintly husband worked on all night). Crash.
  • Saturday. Computer works, as long as I don’t need Internet. Why would I need Internet, when all my work is done from home and must be communicated via the Web???
  • Sunday. Word Processor still okay, THANK GOD. I need to finish the book that’s due Wednesday and write notes for the author who has to begin her edits if her book’s going to launch on time. Everything else, still CRASHing, but folks are being patient.
  • Monday. Internet back up. Flurry of emails and posts to folks who’re not so patient anymore. Writing up the notes for the author after, more divine thanks, my book’s done and Webbing its way to my editor. MS Word crashes. I lose the revision letter I’m composing, and what’s left of my mind.
  • Monday night, fuge state.


The funny/sad part? NOT the first time a series of events like this has happened to me, just when I need to be functioning at peak efficiency. People who know me and have seen enough of my life to believe this sort of thing is my “normal” when I’m under stress (like my poor husband), have learned to shake their heads but accept it as real, because after a while it’s just too damn spooky not to be.

My mom, who’s about the least “alternative” person I know, witnessed something similar last month, when I helped her recover from minor surgery. Every appliance in her house, and then the toilette in my bathroom, either broke, overflowed or began to rattle/shake whenever I got too close. I was working like a maniac on several deadlines and worried about her and running on empty, and that’s just what happens.

The only time I’ve had anything like that happen to me,” she said, “is when I was pregnant with you. Weird, huh?”

Why, yes, mom. It’s weird.

But do you have to laugh about it?

It’s not cute, damn it. I’m losing it, but holding it together so no one knows, meanwhile the world around me is acting out my emotional upheaval like a warped, possessed one-act play I can’t escape from until my nervous energy has wound down and I’m practically catatonic.

I mean, it’s all good now. Kind of. But it’s bound to happen again, right?


Really, there’s a reason I research parapsychology and paranormal activity and dream theory for the sci-fi/fantasy side of my work.

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6 Responses to “I Hear the Craziest Things: Solar Flares, Kenetic Energy, My Dysfunctional Reaction to Stress”

  1. Kristen Lamb says:

    Wow! First of all, I am SO HAPPY that you are okay and want to offer you a digital hug for all you have been through.

    Yes, it has been a WEIRD month. I am not a per se “alternative” person, but I can tell when Mercury is in retrograde. EVERYTHING goes whacky with technology and people, especially in the area of communication.

    My electronics have been weird too. Lost Internet, cell phone acting weird, posts on FB disappearing into the Bermuda Triangle.

    And I know there are some people with a particularly strong magnetic field. I ruin most watches. My body wipes out the batteries and they never keep time. I wear a watch for decoration, really.

    Anyway, really happy to hear you are okay and it is always a bright spot to see your tweet float by.

  2. Irene says:

    Whenever cancer stops by, it leaves its mark buried deep within.
    Or you can say “The sword is ever poised over one’s head.”
    I know…I’ve had two swords dangling for six years or so.

    As for the relation to the unnatural events occurring around you, well, let’s just chalk them up to nervousness and solar flares disturbing the magnetic field around the earth and you.

    Does that make you feel even the tiniest bit better?

    Congratulations on nothing showing up! Keep up the good work!

  3. Emily Sewell says:

    Great news about the doctor visit results, Anna! That makes me smile.

    Even if I didn’t know these things tend to happen around you, I was listening to your RWA workshop last week. You mentioned a few glitches happening. I hope you get your computer to a non-crashing state! So annoying when they don’t do what you need them to do.

    On the bright side, it could spark an idea for a future book. :)

  4. I’m glad to hear you’re okay. To me one funny thing is, even the most unaware people (my mom) often have major influences on their environment. There is always multiple broken stuff around our house (plumbing, appliances, mysterious hole that appears beside the house periodically, like that). They completely reflect the brokenness of her life and have happened everywhere she has lived.

  5. How did you get this blog to look so professional? Wow, Anna!

  6. Gerri Bowen says:

    I’m glad to know you’re okay now, Anna. Things have a pattern, and some of it seems weird. That you are okay is the important thing.

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