The Soul of the Matter: Capturing the Inspiration…

Road trips clear your mind, so why not take your  mind on a trip whenever you need that hit of inspiration, whenever your work needs that fuel? We all are in the weeds at some point, in every creative endeavor–writing, editing, parenting, not killing our children or spouses when they’re jumping up and down on our last nerve. That’s when we need a trip the most: a mini-fix, capturing you back to a past getaway, through the pictures that refuse to let your forget. Like these I took on my beach walk last night. Now, they can be every night for me. And your night, too, if you’ll let them…

Misty surf becoming clouds.

misty doc

Violet consuming light.

stormy dock back

The sun, a valiant, final stand.

clouds sun breaking

An ethereal show.

clouds sun fantasy pic

Tapestry, texture, light and color. Sky above, below, within.

tidal pool sky above and below

The sea, surrounding you.

sunset pink and blue

Collapsing, a misty blue beginning, charming again.

sunset misty blue

All of this happened in a single hour, my friends, as I shared my walk with the setting sun.

It’s a lifetime now, I’ll remember with whomever returns with me, to this place where light creates in the darkness a magical show like none other.

I will write here, in this moment, in my memory, forever.

Won’t you?

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4 Responses to “The Soul of the Matter: Capturing the Inspiration…”

  1. Ah yes, Anna. Each time you close your eyes, or your inner soul will remember each of those magical moments, and in turn cojur other images. What an amazing and wonderful vision to keep, to store for always and use at will :)

  2. robena grant says:

    Gorgeous! Absolutely gorgeous. And so relaxing to look at.

  3. Mary Stella says:

    Breathtaking photos. Lovely to carry with you in memory and, surely, wonderful to have experienced first hand.

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