Shoes Are My Heroin: Seasonal Insanity…

Lots of Facebook chatter lately about shoes you need and those you lust for. I’ve scored both in the last few weeks. Neither are completely practical. But what’s the fun in practical? They fit like a dream and will feel great on my feet for hours. And there were bought at killer sale prices. PERFECT! Whatcha think?

These are my early-spring, neutral, sensible business pumps.

shoe pump wedge

Okay, they’re wedges, too, and will look great with summer pants and cotton skirts and even shorts. But also the trousers and spring dresses/suits I’ll wear when I teach. No, really, that’s why I bought them. That, and they have rounded toes (thank Dog, the pointy ones are out again)…

And since this time of year’s all about transition, I also needed something not-so-black to mix with the lighter things we wear under our coats in the south the next few months, when its cool but not frigid, and warmer but still chilly.

shoe bootie

Now, before you start pointing at the heels and snickering, these have Nike Air Soles that cushion the pressure points on your feet like track shoes. Add in my high arches, and there’s nothing better. Plus, they’re prettyyyyyy ;o)

Insanity, you say? I’ll be wearing both during upcoming travel and meetings. Catch me with them on, win a prize!

I’ve missed hearing your shoe dreams. Check back each week, and we’ll find something even more outlandish to talk about in each Shoes are my Heroin post, than my neuroses that my  heels must be high enough to keep me taller still than my now 6 foot+ 15-year-old.

There’s a world of dream shoes out there. Tell us about your faves!

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