The Psychic Realm: The Subconscious Mind’s Power

Dr. C. will be back in our Dream Theories series next week, giving us more inside skinny on cool sleep know-how. But first–let’s dip into The Psychic Realm and talk about the power of the subconscious in day dreams!Wonder what the Doc will think about my wacky take?…


This grey area of dreaming became the premise for the fringe science in Dark Legacy for a reason–many believe the “alpha” brain activity we enter during states like meditation, biofeedback and daydreaming is where our subconscious mind is at its most accessible and potentially powerful. Hence, in my first psychic thriller this was the “active” state dream scientists were attempting to trigger behavior in, using a persons “programmed” subconscious connection to what had already happened while they dreamed. In my books, the unconscious/unaware mind was programmed by psychics, so that the sub-conscious mind could be triggered when the brain is at it’s peak “concentration efficiency”–that is, during walking, waking daydreams.

But what does this mean for you and me? A lot of really cool stuff, if you’re looking for ways to plug into your creativity and awareness and the power of the mind-body connection. Our minds move through natural cycles, or at least they try to. Alpha, Beta (full consciousness), Theta/Delta (sleep) rhythms. We need all of them to function well, and factors like stress, nutrition, chemicals, and fitness/exercise can contribute or disrupt the way our minds function in each state. How balanced our brain function is as our thoughts move through these states determines how in touch we are with the worlds both outside and within our own thoughts. And some would say, the reality within our minds is the key to being fully aware and fully engaged in our existence.

75% of our waking minds (in Beta state) are wrapped up in keeping our bodies functioning and moving. That leaves only 25% to deal with conscious thoughts. But in Alpha, when we let our minds wander (even in focused ways such as meditation), the efficiency of our subconscious thoughts peaks at 95 to 100%.Mystics and psychics would say this is the brain rhythm to tap into, to be at your most aware to messages and signs. Parents would say this is when they see the true potential of their children shine through. Writers and other artists would say that this is the world they must “dissociate” into, in order to create. What do they see, these “seers,” when they let their undirected minds wander? What would you see, if you set aside time daily to do the same?

daydreaming cloud

You’ve had deja vu moments. You’ve had memories that may not have been fully yours find you at odd times. You’ve felt and sensed good and bad things about places and people and things, with no explanation for the shiver or thrill that takes you over. This is your subconscious breaking through, whispering its magic into your fully aware mind. You’re only hearing an echo. The true message is still waiting just beneath the surface. Making time to plug into the potential of these instincts and senses and the ”touch” of your powerfully receptive interior world can transform your life.


The playful, dreaming, insightful spirit within all of us moves whether we’re aware of it or not. The more balanced we become in clearing and rejuvenating our minds so that we’re ready to hear these messages and accept that there’s more to our worlds than the 25% we can glimpse as we scurry through our ever day.

Don’t call it psychic ability, if that’s too “woo-woo” for you. Don’t say “spirit” if that bothers you. Say acceptance. Accept that there’s more than what you pick up and put down and do and don’t do. There’s a thread between what you are and what you were and what everyone and everything else around you is and has experienced, too. You’re a creature of instincts and perception, designed to pick up on the signals that your fully awake mind can’t successfully process–unless you slow down and decompress and give your subconscious (and, yes, your creativity) a chance to take over and “see” what lies beneath.

Successful awareness of all we were meant to understand and appreciate and do comes from, yes, playing and daydreaming and NOT working 24/7. It comes from being and accepting and relaxing into the messages that our subconscious (Alpha) minds are waiting to share with us.

So the next time you reach for the remote or the video game, consider turning off the stimulation and the chatter and just listening, instead. Daydream a little. Then a little more. Or, as I do, make daily yoga and extended sessions of cardio or whatever unplugs your mind best a quiet/peaceful ritual you look forward to escaping into.

You’ll be amazed what you can see and hear, once you get yourself there…

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