Surprise Digital Bonus!!!

I peaked online after the holiday to find that my publisher’s made my ENTIRE award-winning, best selling Atlanta Heroes series available in digital format for $3.99 or less per title (through Amazon Kindle)!

Because Of A Boy

Nurse Kate Rhodes is duty bound to report the abusive father of one of her charges–despite the lawyer who proclaims the man’s innocence.


Stephen Creighton isn’t in the habit of getting involved in his cases. For him, it’s get in, fight like hell, get out. But he has to invest more when he finds out Kate’s actions have put his clients’ lives in jeopardy. And now the father and son have gone into hiding.

With the father being sought by the authorities and the son in desperate need of medical treatment, it’s a race against time. One Stephen and Kate can win only if they work together… Something that’s even harder to do when the tension between them becomes white-hot passion.

To Protect The Child (RT Book Reviews Best Book Award):

FBI agent Alexa Vega wakes in an Atlanta hospital with no memory of how she got there. Except for brief flashes of a little girl’s image, she can’t remember anything, including the assignment that led to her brutal attack. The only person she feels she can trust is the man who saved her–Dr. Robert Livingston.


In his care she begins to recover…and to fall for him. Those feelings are returned, because Robert hasn’t been able to stop thinking about Alexa. But as her memory returns, Alexa knows she has to finish what she started. She has to track down her attackers. It’s the only way she can save a child she’s sworn to protect.

She’s determined to succeed, even if it means losing everything else–including Robert’s love.

To Save A Family:

Atlanta public defender Emma Montgomery gives every client–innocent or not–her best effort. Even if it means sparring with the tempting Lieutenant Rick Downing. Each day, the two battle–all the while aware of the growing attraction between them. Until one day, everything changes.


Betrayed and seriously injured by a criminal, Emma loses faith in the system she once cherished. Worse still, she’s lost faith in herself. But then Rick comes forward with a case Emma can’t resist. A mother stands to lose her children and her freedom–unless Emma and Rick can call a cease-fire and save this one family.

The Firefighter’s Secret Baby:

She’s a captivating woman who catches his eye immediately. They spend one steamy night together. But in the morning, she’s gone.
fireman low res
Nine months later, firefighter Randy Montgomery is the first emergency responder on the scene of an accident. And as he pulls a very pregnant woman from the wreck, he recognizes her–Sam Gianfranco. What a twisted sense of humor fate has. Because not only is Sam about to give birth, but she’s also in a pile of trouble. Police protection and bad-guy chases kind of trouble. Another man would walk away. Not Randy. A single glance at Sam and his baby, and he’s in this for the long haul. And he’ll do whatever it takes to keep all of them safe.
 And guess what… Because of a Boy is a bridge novel between The Perfect Daughter and my stand alone The Prodigal’s Return (Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence), family dramas from earlier series.
I’m psyched to have so many earlier works digital ready!!!

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