Dream Theories: The Famous Amongst Us

Long silence on blog = Anna’s sick. You know that by now, right? I’ve crawled out of my cave. Let’s talk about what the famous people in our dreams mean, before I collapse again. Flu SUCKS, btw. Whine. But I digress. What does it mean when we dream about famous people and fictional characters?

characters simpsons

Yeah, I’m going to riff on animated and over-the-top, real-life characters throughout this post. And you’re not going to see any of my recurring dream buddies. Not a chance. I believe too strongly in this topic to pull my cyber panties down and give you a microscope into my psyche!

Well, okay. I’ll give you one real dream character of my very own. But I’m not gonna tell you which one. So, enjoy the side show and try to figure out which of these images really has come out to play, during my nocturnal wanderings ;o) All votes are welcome. You won’t guess it. You’re never gonna guess it… And I’m absolutely not including political or religious “greats” in this post. I may be a sick girl, but I’m not stupid.

Okay, back to business. First of all, we can invite anyone we want to our dreams. So you have to ask yourself who you’ve brought along for the party, and why. Do you feel negative or positive about these characters? 

characters pluto

Actually, is there just one famous person and you, or are you in a crowd of those you admire or publicly despise?Are you interacting with them, or standing back to watch. Are we talking  tv/movie/entertainment famous, or dead/living politicians, writers, great thinkers, etc? Oh, and where are you all getting together for this shindig?

As I’ve said, the emotions of your dreams are key. They’ll point you to the better understanding you seek of why the people in your dreams do and say what they do, especially your famous guests. Dream analysis will first tell you that these characters may represent aspects of our own personalities that we either aspire to improve or long to negate.

characters powerpuff

That’s where the emotions come in. Let them lead you to remembering and working on the characteristics you like most and least in your dream visitors.

Do you have a need for recognition for unrecognized abilities?

Characters wonderfoman

Does a core relationship need nurturing to grow stronger?

characters wondertwins

A yearning for stardom, but you’ve never developed your talents enough to get there?

characters gag

Do you wish for glamor, but haven’t stopped to truly understand the darker side that comes with the accolades?

characters vivian

Is it iconic greatness that fascinates and motivates you?

chracters jackieo

Some would suggest that these kind of “famous” dreams are about our inflated egos. I disagree. Dreams are where our minds process our world and our thoughts about the things and people that mean the most to us. They’re where we should be looking most closely, without judgement.

Some of the characters we meet there could be reflections of us, but others could be our parents or friends. Our goals and disappointments. Our hurts and celebrations. Good or bad, they’re us in the end. And nowhere else do we get to be more completely us, than in the stories we paint entirely on our own. Our dreams.

Stop judging and start paying attention. What is it about these characters that’s drawing your sleeping mind’s focus? What’s happening in your life that’s triggered their visit? Are they really you, in the dream, or have your visitors taken the role of friends or loved ones (living or passed) that you need to work something out with. Are they your very real dreams and aspirations (or regrets), that you’ve yet to fully face?

I’m a author. I can tell you with complete certainty that the characters that wander around in our minds are always reflections of us. They’re to be treasured and nurtured, until we see them fully for who they are. They’re pieces of our soul. Pieces I try to understand better every morning, as I wake and start my busy, creative day. I hope you do, too!

Now, who wants to guess which of the above famous characters has regularly visited my muddled sleep???

And, don’t forget to come back to Dream Theories next Tuesday for more of Dr. C’s sleep and dream wisdom. After all, she’s the expert while I’m just a crafty artist who’s mining for material to base her next psychic fantasy on ;o)

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