The Soul of the Matter…

Platform. Everyone says you MUST have one in social media. Platform is your brand. It tells folks what you’re about. “The Soul of the Matter,” is what I’ve come up with for my particular bent on the world, after reviewing back blog and Facebook and Twitter streams.

soul eyes

It’s a focus I chose organically about two years ago,when my world view was skewed by surgery and scary medical predictions and a  chaotic publishing environment that’s become even more crazy since. If I was going to write, blog and participate in social media, it had to go deeper. I wanted to be saying something meaningful about how I see my world, every time I put my thoughts onto paper or typed them into the computer.

I’m in the entertainment business, and that’ll never change as long as I publish in commercial fiction. But I wanted to feel even closer than before to what I’m writing. And I wanted that to spill over into my weekly blogging and the things and people I focus on in social media. I want it to be about heart and soul, above all else.

soul hear

For two years I’ve posted into my “Revising a Year” blog series. It’s morphing now into “Anna’s Soul of the Matter.” You’ll see it at the top of the category list to the right. And in each blog post I write forward.

Whether I’m writing women’s fiction or romance or suspense or psychic fantasy/sci-fi, or chatting about dreams or my teenager or wacky current events and happenings or psychic stuff or the nuts and bolts of writing, I’m pouring my heart into the words. That’s my daily goal. That’s what keeps me coming back, keeps my writing, no matter the stumbling blocks.

That’s the kind of community I’d like all this content and sharing and re-tweeting to build. Folks looking deeper and wanting more and loving the insight as much as the chatty, easy-to-read posts and pics and one-liners.

Let’s share the soul of all that matters to us. If that’s your cup of tea, you’ve stumbled across the right place. Welcome!

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