The Psychic Realm: Apportation Rocks Our World!

While we get serious about sleep science in next week’s Dream Theories, lets go fantastical about flow of energy between this dimension and others. In other words, how the “other” worlds around us mess with things in ours.

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One of the cool things about researching sci-fi/fantasy novels where I get to make up my own rules, is starting with some already-defined dynamics that I get to lift from particle and quantum physics. You know, the physical laws that tell us how things move and flow, and how this type of matter interacts with that kind, and what the boundaries are, and the state of things as we know them. Then, as the writer, you get to blow things out of their defined buckets and have some fun.

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Add in the parapsychological world of thought, which some of the physical laws lend themselves to if only we could bend a few known factors here and there, and we’re cooking with gas.

Apportation is one of these areas, where if you can suspend belief about how we currently think light and matter flow, and if you will accept that multiple dimensions exist on different planes within the same space, moving at different speeds so they’re typically invisible to one another, then you can arrive at the premise that someone or something from one dimension could be capable of moving objects within another.

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If you check the Skeptics’s Dictionary (a lovely way NOT to write something that folks will roll their eyes at when you’re creating worlds from your own imagination, BTW), you’ll be told that when an “apport” happens (something moves unassisted) during seance, it’s most likely a hoax. But what about the rest of the time, when something we put down simply disappears as soon as we turn our back, reappears somewhere we wouldn’t/couldn’t have put it, or when something thrusts itself into our lives from out of nowhere with no clear explanation for where it came from?

These are most often signs in my life to pay attention, slow down, speed up, or just plain give up the control I’m clinging to. Yes, they happen to me. So when I began reading parapsychological texts that suggested that there’s a clear pattern to many of these occurrences, even a pre-determined intent from a spirit (from energy) in another dimension from our own, my ears perked up. I HAD to write this into my next Legacy family. This would be their gift: harnessing energy, and the abilities that doing so would give them to defeat whatever foe I’ll put in their way. In other words, opening themselves to the possibility and power of harnessing intentional intervention into our reality from another.

apportation parapsychology

Have these things ever happened to you: objects appearing, disappearing, moving, transforming, then moving or changing back? Odd things showing up in odd places just at the time when a need for them comes along? Unexplainable interference into your path of things that divert you into another direction that turned out to be either a boon or a disaster? It’s so easy to call these events coincidences, but are they?

Are we imagining these odd things when they happen? Are we over-reacting? Let me ask that in another way. When we turn our backs on them and refuse to heed their warnings or insight, do we find ourselves better or worse off? This is the question that ultimately changes my protagonist in Haunted Legacy. It’s one thing to ignore the escalating coincidences cropping up in your path as “not possible.” It’s another thing entirely, for a ruthlessly analytical person to scoff at the very real results of either heeding or ignoring the messages being sent with each unusual psychic occurrence trying to capture your attention.

Tell us a story from your life. What attention-worthy apports have stopped and made you think that there might be something metaphysical going on, and what was the result of you following their lead?

Next Week: Let’s talk about another topic near and dear to my fantasy WIP’s heart. Kenetic children. See you there!

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4 Responses to “The Psychic Realm: Apportation Rocks Our World!”

  1. Melba says:

    Anna, how interesting! You have given me a name for something happens around me all the time. Take the time that about one month after the death of a favorite aunt, my school keys disappeared from my desk. I was working late, the classroom was empty, the keys were on the desk in front of me. When I decided it was time to go home, the large jailhouse keyring containing my classroom keys were gone. I searched the entire desk, the trash can, the classroom. No keys. Three months later, I came home from school and found the keys on the dining room floor. They just appeared! I was the last to leave the house that morning and the first to return I have no explanation for how they came to be on the floor. If I had to guess, I’d say it was my aunt trying to get my attention.

  2. Lu Martinez says:

    I have had two experiences of objects disappearing. A couple of years ago I had a notebook full of notes from a Shamanic course. I last had it in my van. When I discovered it was missing I (and family helped look for it) looked for it for days. Three months transpired and one day I see the notebook on my kitchen table. I asked my husband if he had found it. He said yes it was in the van on top of the console between the driver and passenger seat. This is the last place I recall seeing it. We had been in and out of the van and taken at least one road trip in the elapsed 3 months! My conclusion was that it had to have re-materialized. Just recently I had a candle which had a wooden egg sitting on top if it disappear. I had seen it earlier that morning when I sat drinking my tea by the table it was on. No one else was home when I noticed it was gone. The wooden egg was sitting in the spot the candle had been at. I looked all around for the possibility of it falling. It was no where to be found I’m waiting for it to one day appear.

  3. joyce says:

    The last few months things have been disappearing and then reappearing. I have blamed innocents people for this with the evidence to prove it. This last time I had a overflowing silverware drawer, one night, with friends over, I noticed the lack of silverware. I had my guest help me search for the silverware and we found nothing. I got ill from stress and some physical problems, when I got back my silverware was back where it was. Again, I called neighbors and the police to show it to them. My guests that helped me look, saw the silverware. The same night, I cleaned my apartment and did an inventory on my possesions and realized most of my belongings were gone. Clothes, paperwork, and other unimportant things. Money never disappeared. The same day my silver reappeared so did my clothes. They were in between clothes already hung. I was measuring the space my clothes took up in my closet and was upset that most were gone, my closet was only 1/4 full. Now it is half full and everything is where it should be. I was crying and having a nervous breakdown. Today I started researching spirits, fairies and demons. So many people are going through the same thing. I was never really scared, but aat the same time I thought someone was coming in my house. I put so many people in my distrust category because of this. I am so thankful to find these answers. i am acknowledging my fairies, and giving them permission to play. The weight of all this is now gone. Every time I had an instance, I believed a human was causing it, it is a relief knowing no one person has been targeting me, for no reason, but to drive me crazy.

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