Dream Theories: Falling and Flying Your Way to Tomorrow

Do falling dreams predict an incident to come? No. Well, maybe, for some of us who feel the energy of our dreams in our waking worlds. Bwahahaha… For others, you could simply be “falling” into sleep. Or, there might be deeper psychological meanings. Let’s take a look!

falling impressionistic

Do you fall or fly, surrounded by vivid imagery and wrapped up in a story line? Are you feeling anxious or soaring? These are key indicators that you’re mind’s processing how you’re feeling about something that’s happening or about to happen in your life that you’re worried about. And if you’re always falling and never hit bottom? Maybe you’re feeling out of control, with no sense that you can take charge. You’re, quite simply, taking a leap of faith.


Far from crashing into the ground meaning that you’re going to die, it can often mean that you’re ready to make the choice you’ve been avoiding. A good or a bad choice? The setting and subject matter of the dream’s plot can help you cipher that. Which, again, begs for the same dedication I’ve been pushing for all along–keep those dream journals and remind yourself of everything else that’s going on while you sleep, not just the most startling of the images your mind plays for you.

Other things to think about:

  • What are you holding on to just before you fall?
  • What are you letting go of?
  • What am I afraid of?
  • What do I want, that I can’t have, until I let myself go?
  • And, more importantly, how do you feel about the loss of equilibrium/control once we do let go?

Because, sometimes, we’re flying as we soar through the air, NOT falling ;o) It can still be scary and out of control and extreme, but when we choose to fly, we’re free. We rise. We float. We’re high above the cares and concerns, typically, of a falling dream. It feels wonderful, often gentle.

falling flying

Flying in dreams is about freedom. Exhilaration. You’re in your natural element (because so many of us fly in our every day lives, right?). It could mean you’re finally liberated from whatever’s been troubling you (perhaps something that’s before now inspired a falling dream). Flying can represent consciousness–finally seeing what you need to do, and being spiritually ready to do that very thing.  It’s growth. It’s YOU.

What’s your sky?  How high can you fly? What are your limits? These are the things you can explore in your soaring dreams.

Also, are you thrilled that your shackles are finally loosened? You’re on your own. Are you ready? Are you ready to go where your mind is taking you?

Remember, no matter what I or anyone else says, these are your dreams. Your snapshot. Your mind. Take your dreams into your soul and figure it out. Find yourself there, and whatever you believe your world can be, it’s yours!

And… Next Tuesday… Come back to Dream Theories to hear more about sleep from an expert in the field. Dr. Cecilia is a Clinical Psychologist, a PhD, and a hard-working sleep therapist. What are the myths and realities behind the science of sleeping that will make or break what we believe about dreaming? I can’t wait to find out! “Dr. C” will be guest blogging every two weeks here at Dream Theories. She’s a sci-fi/fantasy writer, too, which is how we hooked up. She’s been a great resource for a lot of my research into the dream science I built into the first two Legacy books around. I know you’re going to love her!

Psychic Realm update tomorrow. See you there ;o)

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  1. Hi, Anna!

    I fly in my dreams and frequently find myself frustrated at power lines that mess up my take-offs and keep me earthbound, or someone or something from my life is literally holding me back. I guess I need to look and see what’s really holding me back.

    Keeping a dream journal, but not consistently…yet. ;)


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