Dream Theories: Retrievers & Wolves & Seals, Oh My!

Dogs are best friends. Wolves are wisdom. Seals are over-the-top aspirations…Three of the animals readers asked me to share after my last Dream Theory post. But generic symbolism is just the beginning. It’s not you. Do you dream about your dog, friendly or ferel wolves, swimming or land-locked or tame seals?

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That said, let’s talk about you ;o)

Dream Golden Retriever

Depending on the strength of what you’re feeling about those golden retrievers in your dreams, you could be celebrating a growing friendship or mourning a relationship that’s in trouble. What is going on in your life that’s calling these cuddly creatures to your dreams (or, perhaps banishing them)?

Dream Wolf

Your wolves…Are they majestic and beautiful? Or sinister, insatiable, evil? How does your mind depict them in the midst of whatever else is going on in your sleeping world? Are you being stalked? Herded? Part of the pack? Fighting to get in or out? More often than not, wolf dreams are a manifestation of fear, and you’re typically either facing what’s threatening you or being consumed by it. Then again, in Native American culture, the wolf is a warrior associated with wisdom and healing.

dream seal

And those seals…How much are they struggling and working in your dream? Are they curious or slaves to whatever they’re doing? They can be playful and faithful (if what you’re aspiring for is love); depict the drive for prosperity and success (if you’re wanting closure for that which you strive for);  or represent spiritual understanding (if you’re looking for the true meaning of what’s harassing or overwhelming you).

There are no hard and fast rules for any of these interpretations.Your circumstances and your view of your world color everything you dream about, including the animal symbols (or familiars) that visit while you sleep. Dream interpretation is about looking deeper into your own reality and finding a personal mission that you hadn’t recognized before. It’s about intentionally seeing more of yourself, as you focus on the dream images that represent your innermost desires and fears.

Isn’t this fun?

We’re going to move on in next week’s Dream Theories to falling and flying dreams, but keep sending me those requests for animal dream interpretations, and I’ll be sure to include them, too, until we run out of critters!

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  1. Debbie Herbert says:

    Thanks Anna! LOVE that seal picture. I think in my case they could represent high aspirations for success.

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