The Psychic Realm: Animal Totems

To continue this weeks animal theme, let’s talk about the loyalty and protection of the animal spirits we attract. Yep. Totems. You know, metaphysical protection and guidance. Don’t scoff, like I did at first. Animal imagery has played a large role in my fantasy work, at first unintentionally. The images you see on my covers came to me as my characters’ dream sequences organically evolved. Then I began researching the underlying meanings of the animals I was weaving into my work, then the animals I’ve invited into my own life, the ones that fascinate me, and I began to wonder… What is it about animals that seem to comfort and inspire and challenge us creatively, the way nothing else does?

animal totem owl

Keep in mind that I’m doing non-stop reading and research into all things interesting and barely there, to help me build an alternative contemporary world that will support the next series of books I’m crafting. The theory goes that we choose our animal totem or guidea in another dimension, before we begin our lives in this one. From birth, these loyal creatures then are powerfully attracted to us, bringing us what we need for our journey.

So, I guess it’s pretty important what totem you choose, huh?

animal totem skunk

In fact, these critters will insist on being beside us as we walk this earth. What if we’re initially scared of them? No matter. They know they’re not dangerous to us. Stop running, the research says. Accept what these companions are trying to teach us. Don’t deny the spiritual blessing that’s trying to catch up with you every single day–even the stinky ones!

Those of us who’ve embraced our animal connections (this, coming from a woman who now mothers FIVE rescue cats) know first hand the quiet gifts living with our “familiars” can bring. Join in the insanity/collective my friends! Resistance is futile ;O)

animal totem kitten

Okay, back to the research stuff. Some of what I’ve read suggests that we each have nine animal totems. These totems are around your spirit: East, South, West, North, Above, Below and Within. The last two animals are walking beside you at all times; your Right Side (male) and your Left Side (feminine). While sometimes the living animal is around you, most often they are only the essence of the animal. Think of some of the fabulous Native American totems you’ve seen pictures of, and you’ll get the idea.

animal totem owl seven

The soul of the animals are said to be what you connect with, and many believe that animals have more highly developed souls than humans.“Familiars,” souls of a single animal, connect through energy (there’s the fringe science that’s so important to my fiction writing) to only one person, usually someone who has psychic or magical abilities–and there you have it, my current protagonist. Someone with the innate ability to channel and focus energy, so you can see how animal totems begin to play into her story, once she’s aware of that aspect of her talents.

For the rest of us, think of totems as bonds, if you can’t go any deeper into the parapsychological aspects of it than that.  Bonds with the purer spirit of animals who only want to please and comfort and inspire you to be better and happier and more successful, because they’re in your life. What could be bad about that?

animal totem panther

I’m talking more next week about animal meanings in dreams. I’ll put a bit about animal spirit meanings in that dream theory post, as we move on to Kinetic Children here in the Psychic Realm.

Until then, here’s a great link to read more about animal totems.

Anyone have some personal animal stories you’d like to share?

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  1. Debi says:

    I just finished reading “Dark Legacy” a few minutes ago. It was a free Friday selection through Barnes & Noble on my Nook Color, (last year’s Christmas present). I enjoyed the story and your choice of endings so much that I had to search for you online. I was pleased to find out that you have a sequel out. With all of the free e-books available online and through our library system, I haven’t spent a single penny on digital books since I received my Nook. I NEED to read more of this story, so without hesitation, or taking the time to find a free copy, I purchased “Secret Legacy” immediately. Thanks, for keeping me entertained. I will be looking further into your work as soon as I finish “Secret Legacy”.

  2. Debi, thanks so much for getting in touch! It’s wonderful to hear that Dark Legacy grabbed your attention. You’ll absolutely love Secret Legacy–it begins only months after that cliff-hanger ending you loved so much.

    It was wonderful, logging onto my blog to do this week’s Dream Theory update, to here such a rave for the series. I’m hard at work on a three-book continuation (another family with latent legacies they’re struggling to understand and keep safe from the Center).

    Keep in touch, and please let me know when you’re finished with Secret Legacy!

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