The Psychic Realm: Waking Emotions Feed Dreaming Realities

Our minds deal with powerful emotions as we dream. Or is it that our lives play out the realities our dreams feed? And is all of this just “every day speak” for a psychic connection we don’t consciously accept?

Think about it, if you accept my premise–which is supported many dream scientists and those who immerse themselves daily in the fringe science and parapsychology that my Legacy series is based on. Just like Sarah in Secret Legacy (well, not just  like her, because we’re not full-on, sometimes psychotic psychics so powerful we’re seen as a threat to national security ;o), when our  minds are in turmoil, they respond by trying to relieve the pressure of that turbulent state. How do they do that without interrupting the day-to-day living that keeps us going? Dreams.

dream emotions

When negative emotions and moods surge, our dreams are an outlet we should embrace. Subconsciously at first, until you master some of the lucid dreaming techniques we’ve discussed, your dreams allow you to surrender to what you fear or resist in the everyday. They give you a stage on which to work through conflict, and they equip you with the tools you need face a looming crisis in your waking life.

It’s a type of roll playing that’s more intellectual than psychic. Well, okay, it, takes on a sinister roll for Sarah Temple in Secret Legacy, when her gifts grow so powerful she and those she loves and the little girl she’s searching for could actually die as the result of the toxic dreams government scientists are inflicting on her mind. But for us, not so much. For us, it’s how many scientists are beginning to believe our psychological minds work.

So, relax when you realize you’re having emotional, vivid dreams that are challenging and slightly scary.They’re actually good for you, dream scientists tell us. They’re helping you cope and prepare and process some “real world” somthing that’s making you feel all kinds of things that are slipping through to your sleeping mind.

These vivid reflections of our subconscious fears and anxieties and passions are not our whole selves. They’re not our realities. They are things we need to face and work through, but they don’t directly (psychically)  drive our behavior as they do the characters in my fantasy series. But they can help us gain more conscious insight into the dynamics and relationships challenging our lives.

Powerful dreams, even scary ones, are your friends. They’re mirrors of your deepest desires and concerns and fears. They’re messages, telling you something your waking mind just might be resisting. Think of them as a map to hidden treasure. To your truth. To your strength and self-confidence. To your peace once disturbing or simply strong emotions that you’re not facing are dealt with. To harmony, once your mind finds a balance between what you fear and what you dare to conquer.

dream water

I hear people say nearly every day, now that I talk so much about the world building research I’m doing for my Legacy books–”I’m afraid of looking too closely at my dreams. Of what I’ll see.”

Don’t do that.

Don’t fear the strength of your sleeping mind.

There are countless online links to places that will help you with dream interpretation. I won’t repeat what’s already there. But I will encourage you to understand as much as possible about what you dream. To learn how to see your subconscious emotions more clearly through the creativity and honesty that waits for you as you sleep.

In the end, behind the fun and fantastic psychic world building I’ve done, that’s the scientific premise behind Secret Legacy and Dark Legacy. See your self. See your world. See your past, so you can move into your future. See the power within you, waiting to propel you away from fear and self-doubt and into an amazing new journey ;o)

I’m here every week, posting Psychic Realm and Dream Theory topics, talking about trusting the emotions flowing between dreams and waking reality, and our minds’ ability to harness the power of things we can’t consciously grasp to make the world around us better.

I hope you’ll join me!

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