The Psychic Realm: Shared Dreaming, Shared Lives

Dreams are windows into the unconscious mind–into the knowledge within. Sharing that wisdom and knowledge, shared dreaming, is a breathless connection few have experienced. But there are studies that tell us that people who are close enough to one another and share a deep enough bond can indeed find themselves linked to one another’s dream patterns.

We’ve talked before that dreams communicate with us and the waking world through emotions. Waves of feelings feed the dreams and flow back into our lives from them. These same emotions speak to others in our waking lives. When things are particularly challenging and chaotic or amazing and wonderful, those close to us share part of our experience, as feelings surge through us and our lives. So it’s no so far fetched to imageine that someone who understands us deeply (a close sibling, a mate, a nurturing parent) might at times carry something of our emotional patterns into their own dream states.


Taking it one step further, let’s assume that you discuss some of the images you see in the dreams you remember with those who wonder what’s troubling you, or perhaps they’re as excited as you are by something wonderful that’s occurring in your life.  Since our dream symbols and settings are touchstones that often reflect a portion of our everyday reality, those images will seem as familiar to those close to us as the emotional states that drive them. Making it possible, when you think about it, that some of those same images might become shared experiences with others dreaming alongside our lives.

Pretty reasonable, right? You know me better than that.

My psychic twins in Dark Legacy and Secret Legacy don’t just compare notes and realize they’re seeing and feeling some of the same things when they sleep. They’re often driving each other’s demented dreams, and when they’re giving each other a break, someone else even more demented is pushing their sleeping minds to the brink of insanity. Oh, and their magical family legacy gives them the ability to channel theirs and others emotions, and those feelings give Sarah and Maddie Temple access to others unconscious minds through their dreams, both sleeping and day dreams. Enter the government scientists determined to turn the Temples gifts into direct-strike psychic weapons that can be remote programmed and triggered at will, with the dreamer never knowing their mind has become a host to another…

So, what’s up with that? Surely something like that is total make believe.

Except there are dream scientists like Montague Ullman working in laboratories to understand the mind’s ability to dream share.And not just sharing tidbits of emotions and images. Actual dream experiences. There are those who believe that married couples and twins and those in other close relationships do have the capability, if properlly prepared, to share entire dream journeys. And that these states of shared consciousness can be achieved because dreams, at their core, are merely another way to we can communicate with one another.

Theories about shared dreaming are, in layman’s terms, based on interpreting the metaphors we find in our dreams and how those same themes can appear on the unconsciousness and dreams of others. Or in the collective unconsciousness at large. I took things to a much more literal place in my Legacy series–as did the movie Inception, where multiple minds are joined in a mission to drive someone’s waking behavior and choices by leading the person’s sleeping mind through a series of carefully targeted dream experiences. The basic premise both my books and the movie present is that more than one person can become involved in the lucid dreaming techniques we’ve already discussed her in the Psychic Realm.


Techniques in dream science suggest that by discussing and interpreting and sharing our dream experiences with those we trust, we can move to a place where we’re also communicating about the same experiences while we’re sleeping. That our dreams can share the same stage. That by focusing on common emotions and images and experiences just before sleep, we can in fact set up a lucid connection for our unconscious mind to slip into along with another. I’ve never personally experienced this, but I’d LOVE to. What an amazing, near-psychic connection. How totally cool would that be?

Well, unless the images stalking you through your twins psychic dreams are a dangerous wolf and an avenging ravens and a deadly ocean trying to drown you in  its deepest depths… Good thing that only happens in Sarah and Maddie Temple’s connection, right? Bwahahahahaha…

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  1. M.E. Anders says:

    This information was JUST what I was looking for, Anna. I’d been wanting to study more about the science-basis for dream-sharing. I’ll be checking out Montague Ullman’s work. Thanks!

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