The Psychic Realm: Trending Topics

I blog weekly about the Dream Theories behind my Secret Legacy and the rest of my paranormal fantasies. And about the Psychic Realm I’ve created for my characters’ world. When you  need another boost of psychic, paranormal, fantasy fun, check out my Psychic Realm Daily! Another paper that pulls articles and links and so forth from my social media feeds.


Link to the paper and it’s stories here.I started building the content, because I wanted to keep up with trending topics in psychic phenomenon. Now, you can too ;o)

To subscribe to it or any of the other digital papers I’ll regularly feature (click back to yesterday’s post to peak at my Sci-Fi/Fantasy Daily),  navigate to each of the papers’ Headlines page and click the Subscribe button.

Then navigate around the paper using the top menu and let me know what you think!

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