Publishing Isn’t for Sissies: Build Your Community

I’m guest blogging today with Kelly L. Stone: When Hard Work Meets Reality…Which Yellow Brick Road Will You Choose? I loved hearing her speak recently, I love what she has to say about authors, and she’s just finishing up a 90-day writing challenge. So when she said, come on over, I couldn’t resist.


The kind of community she’s building is an amazing things. She’s building the same type of support network we enjoy here, so head over and take a peak. I’m sharing a bit more of my journey this last year, and I’m encouraging her followers to find their unique path to staying motivated and determined and positive about their creativity.

In the ever-changing flux of our publishing industry, when we’re not analyzing and debating which way things are spinning, we have to daily plug into fresh inspiration. We must take care of our own. But even more, we cannot lose sight of the fact that the writing is the one thing that we alone control. Amidst all the change and the uncertainty and the trends and the latest surprises, we create, or we no longer have a job.

Join me at Kelly’s and share how you stay plugged into your muse.

Then come back to PIFS  next week, when Michelle Grajkowski of 3 Seas Literary joins us to give an agent’s inside perspective of the digital publishing wave and where it’s taking us and our stories, both now and into the future!

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