Revising a Year: 1.1.11

2010 was an complex journey for me. Difficult. Scary at times. Then, amazingly, filled with love and support and friendship and the courage of everyone who walked that journey with me.

So many people I know had a troubled year. In a way, sharing that with a few of them somehow made it easier for us all to keep going. I even remember, in late 2009, astrologers predicting ‘10 would be a time of troubling change (and not just because of the prevailing financial and political downturns we could all see coming). How could they know?, I asked myself. Even as I researched the para-psychology that would define new stories in my paranormal/fantasy series, I doubted. Now, looking back, I’m not so sure it was all smoke and mirrors.


Which made me wonder as I contemplated the first day of the first month of the eleventh year of this century. What would be ahead in this new beginning?Numerology has always fascinated me, because the of math behind it and how accurate some of the predictions made often turn out to be. Its theories tell us that numbers themselves have power and relationships to our world and to nature, and that they often symbolize shifts in energy and influence and potential in our lives. There are those who believe in the significance of the numbers around us and how they can shape our realities. In fact, a lead character in one of the three books I’m plotting won’t be given a choice. So… Off I went to learn a bit more. And I was hooked!

So, as we continue revising a year out here, and since I’m feeling light years better this January first than I did on this day in 2010, let’s see what the numbers are saying to us on 1.1.11:

  • The number “1″ reflects strong will and positive/pure energy. A new beginning. Physical and mental force and new action that will be rewarded.
  • The number “1″is the most individual of all numbers. Ambitious. Driven. Goal-oriented. Strong. A pioneer, since it’s the first. Unconventional. Inventive. Creative.
  • The number “1″ reveals the unknown. Lighting the way. It burns like fire, searching to ignite in a single point of blazing contact.
  • The number “1″ can also be an indicator of completion. A reminder to refocus. To pay close attention. Concentrate. To search for the highest, truest self you can become, moving forward.

Sigh… I love thinking of my 2011 filling up, thriving, with all of this. Positive energy. Hope. Anticipation. Reflection and new discovery. Bravely striding forward when I haven’t been well enough to be able to, for too much of the last year. And, my friends, I hope the same for all of you in this brand new beginning. Let’s rock this new decade ;o)

Happy 1.1.11, everyone!!!

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