A Year’s Revision…

Those who’ve followed my blog this year have shared part of the crazy ride. Those who’ve partaken in the personal have seen even more of the scramble. And really. let’s face it, craziness is cumulative, and 14 books in 5 years (The Unknown Daughter won it’s Gold Medal Review as my debut in October 2004) is insanity personified. It was a suspense, in the midst of the family story, but it took me years to get back to the high concept that would become what’s feeding my drive to write going into this new year–thrilling suspense + high-conflict relationships + unique twists to old themes = perfection. There have been so many changes, in the world, the publishing industry, my career and personal life, in five years, none more than this year.


  • I’ve dabbled out here ever since my first blog  and website, to see what you like to hear about/respond to most. In 2010, I Write Those Books over at Pop Syndicate’s Book Blog will continue the publishing industry side of my ramblings, leaving this blog for more personal and story-related fare.


  • I’ve taken one of my pre-fiction-writing loves (teaching, which I did professionally as a Tech Writer and Tech Trainier) and struck out in a new direction (defining my writing process and teaching others to do the same), and now find myself regularly invited and paid to travel teaching writing craft. Totally unexpected and cool. The first 3 month’s of ‘10 alone, I’ll be at the Scribler’s Retreat at St. Simons Island, the Liberty States Fiction Writer’s Conference, and the First Coast Romance Writer’s Retreat. Oh, and I’m working on selling my first non-fiction work outside of corporate technical writing, pant, pant.

  • I’ve branched out of a successful series romance start to re-discover my inner paranormal stoke, and Dark Legacy was an amazing experience to research (dream theory, I’m not done with you yet), pitch, sell and see come to life on shelves. Secret Legacy won’t be far behind, and it won’t disappoint ;o) I’ve seen the cover art, though I can’t share until there’s an actual cover. But, O-M-G!!! It’s amazing, as is the ocean/water dream imagery you’ll fall into as Sarah and Richard’s story unfolds and the Center gets taken down once and for all…

  • And that’s just a taste, as you all well know…

Mayhem has gifted many lessons. I want to party all the time out here, and share everything and give away oodles of prizes to everyone who’s been so generous and supportive and encouraging. I want to write all the time and give everyone even more stories to be excited about. I want to blog all the time and teach all the time and explore the endless chance to connect that social media’s become this year. I want to share my success with my family, all the time, and cling to the things that were good before and are even better now because of what I’ve learned and grown into in half a decade. I know more what I want now, every second of every day, but the biggest lesson has been that having it all, all the time, isn’t possible. Not unless I want the dabbling to take over the rest, until the books are no longer the focus, or the family, or the teaching that sustains me, or the living that renews my creativity and muse.

Life has a way of making sure you stop and see what you’ve learned, before the lesson slips away. It’s done that for me and many others this years. Our economy, our worlds’ social needs, our commitment to fight those who’d destroy and pervert others’ freedoms. My personal experiences and struggles seem fragile and insignificant when compared with the grander picture being painted around me. But they’re also metaphors for the whole, I think, so I’m using the changing season of New Years to focus ahead as I look behind.  A common theme for me, if you’ve been following along for a while.

Which is a long way around saying something very simple. 2010 will be a year of revision for me. Some things will be slower, because that’s the way they’re going to have to be if I want to keep doing what I’m doing for as long as I can. Some things will have to wait, as others step in to take their place regardless of any temper tantrums I might kick up to the contrary. And most of all, it’s the things I really want and need that will win the race in ‘10. The race to revise my approach to the different lives I lead all at the same time, before they do the rework for me and I’m stuck with a result not of my choosing. Good thing I’m an ace at revising–the topic of my first stab at selling non-fiction writing craft, btw, so keep your fingers crossed for me. Good thing I’m surrounded by those who love me and are familiar with the world’s occasional wake up call that I need to slow the frenzy and mayhem to a crawl, so I can surge forward once again and explore the magic and insanity that I love in my life.

Take the ride with me in 2010. It’ll hopefully be both personal for us all and insightful. Inspiring and thoughtful. And fun. We always have fun out here. More details to come as I can release them. The only set things in my year now are two book releases, the three events mentioned above, and my every-November beach retreat. The rest is up in the air, and up for revision. And even though I’m one of those work-a-holic types who needs things set so I have a mission to aim for, plan for and conquer, I’m seeing this as a chance to look and listen and see more than I did this and the last five years, as I reacted and achieved and charted the course that has resulted in so much.

Here’s to A Year’s Revision, and the beginning of the next half-decade… And to magic this year of self-teaching will achieve for us all…

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5 Responses to “A Year’s Revision…”

  1. RobynL says:

    I believe that your chance to ‘look and listen’ as you put it will be so great for you after having worked soooo hard the past years. One can learn many valuable lessons by looking and listening.
    Happy New Year to you and yours.

  2. Sarah says:

    I enjoy reading your blog and books!!
    Hope you have a wonderful & happy 2010!!

    Happy New Year!!

  3. Sandra M says:


    You’ve had an amazing five years! It’s great to see your career progress. You deserve all your success. Happy New Year!

  4. stacey smith says:

    You Deserve a chance to catch up whit your self.Happy New Years
    good luck on your new book idea.

  5. Ted Henkle says:

    “Good thing I’m an ace at revising…”

    Yes, you are! I learned a lot during the class you gave at the PNWA Writer’s Conference a couple (few?) years back.

    Happy New Year to you and your family!

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