I Write THOSE Books  launches today with my newbie and “publishing insider’s” view of NANOWRIMO. Check out the new column and give us your take (reader, writer, bemused, disinterested… ;o)

I’m full-on drafting Secret Legacy this month. I’ll also be excerpting The Firefighter’s Secret Baby some more (which is up on amazon now, in case you’d like to pre-order, though I don’t have the cover yet, pout…)

Oh, and my NYC Barnes and Noble booksigning was covered by Romantic Times in their December Issue. I’ll scan the page and pop a pic up here soon.

Plus, I’ll let you know when all prizes are in the mail, because I know you’re waiting paitently (tapping your toes, checking your mailboxes, grumbling, tearing up your copies of my books in frustration…).

I have new hunky guy photos to share from my New Jersy conference. Because a little hunky guy in your day is good for the soul…

And I’ll be working at the beach soon–so lots of lovely beach photos to come, too.

So, basically, I’ll be blog posting more in November, NANOWRIMOing in November, mailing prizes in November, hopefully finishing the draft of Secret Legacy in November, and contributing to PopSyndicate.com with I Write THOSE Books in November. Join me, won’t you!


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