Dark Legacy Blog Tour Launches Today!!!

Everyone join me at Romance B(u)y the Book today–where you’ll find:

  • a new, exclusive and spoooooky excerpt of Dark Legacy–the rubber’s hiting the road, so to speak, for our Maddie and Jarred;
  • a drawing from all those who comment for an ARC and for the great XOXO Butterfly Wallet below (which matches the XOXO Butterfly Purse I’m giving away on the 25th, to celebrate Dark Legacy’s official drop date);
  • and lots of fun with Michelle Buonfiglio’s Bellas!


Here’s the wallet that’s up for grabs at RBTB (just like the one from our Friday contest–see below for our winner):


Here’s the purse that’s August 25th’s prize here–so keep leaving comments in every post here to be in the running:


Here’s the winners of Friday’s contest (email me your snail mail addies, please ;o):

Dark Legacy ARC Winners:

Fannie Wiggens, who posted at 8:39 pm

Patricia B, who posted at 11:12 am

XOXO Wallet Winner:

Crystal GB, who posted at 8:53 pm

Here’s the line up of stops on Dark Legacy’s Blog Tour–more prizes and excerpts coming in all these places, and here, through September, so tour with me and keep leaving comments here and there, and I’ll keep showing you all the great goodies up for grabs along the way–Here’s to a great August and September!!!:

Dark Legacy Blog Tour Line Up

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21 Responses to “Dark Legacy Blog Tour Launches Today!!!”

  1. CrystalGB says:

    Thank you so much Anna. Congratulations to Fannie and Patricia.

  2. Michelle B. says:

    Congratulations on the release…Hope you are having a great time with it…

  3. Juanita Stender says:

    Congrats – have a great tour. Go Butterflies!

  4. Gayle O says:

    Congrats to all the winners so far. Thank you Anna for all the great prizes.

  5. Cathy Cook says:

    The prizes are just the icing on the cake. I so enjoyed the Dark Legacy excerpt posted over at Romance Buy The Book. It was captivating…thrilling…I didn’t want it to end. Which means I have to buy the book, right? LOL

    And thank you for the contest and lovely prizes. That butterfly purse is most gorgeous !!

  6. Jane says:

    Congrats to the winners.

  7. Patricia Treskovich says:

    congratulations on your new book

  8. Penney Wilfort says:

    Congratulations Anna on your new release, I’m looking forward to reading it.
    Great prizes too love the purse.

  9. Deidre says:

    Lots of congrats to the winners. I commented at Romance Buy the Book too. Aren’t blog tours so much fun? LOL


  10. Stacy S says:

    Congrats to the winners. I love the purse and wallet.

  11. Pat L. says:

    The purse is absolutely gorgeous!

    Hope everyone is enjoying their summer. 9/25 is a good date – several books I am looking to read are coming out that day.

  12. Brenda Rupp says:

    Congrats on the book! I would love to win the butterfly pieces!

  13. Patricia Barraclough says:

    Thank you so much! I can’t wait to read DARK LEGACY.

  14. Patricia Barraclough says:

    Stopped by Romance By The Book. Good interview.
    You give away lovely prizes. The butterfly purses are delightful.
    Good luck with the release of DARK LEGACY!

  15. Shari C says:

    Congrtulations on your new book! Also congratulations to the winners!

  16. Patricia Treskovich says:

    How nice that you get to travel and promote your book–hope the tour is a success.

  17. etirv says:

    Nice to see you on your blog tours, Anna!

  18. Nathalie says:

    What a blog tour! August & September sure seem busy!

    I agree that books usually come out on Tuesday, I wonder why…

  19. Patricia Treskovich says:

    The wallet is lovely–thanks for the chance to win it.

  20. Patricia Treskovich says:

    Hope you gets lots of sales from your book tour.

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