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Until then, enjoy a litte more insight into Jarred and Maddie and the gothic dream theory that will thrill you in Dark Legacy! Scroll back through the Dark Legacy category for previous excerpts…

Dark Legacy
On Shelves August 25th
Somewhere in Chapter Eight

She was at the door. The door Jarred had left open, as if he’d sensed she’d feel safer that way. She yanked it wider. Stared at the floor. Waited for him to catch a clue. Jarred walked closer, but stopped in front of her instead of leaving. She could feel him staring. Wondering. Leaning in.

She flinched away.


Relax…The word, in Jarred’s voice this time, echoed through her mind.

 ”So, it’s not just when you touch a patient?” he said out loud.

She left him and the door behind.

“Get out!” Her body was shaking. She couldn’t fall apart like this in front of him.

“If being around other people is this difficult, how do you handle the ER?”

His voice was so soothing, brushing across her frazzled nerves. Where had soothing come from? She wanted smug back. She needed smug back.

“You want to tell me what happened with that patient today?” he pressed. “Don’t bother saying it was nothing, because I felt it, too. At least some of it. Like I felt your anger during our appointment when I tried to make you talk about your twin. Even if you don’t want to analyze what’s happening to you, I do. Whatever this is, I’m a part of it now. Accept that and—”

He paused when she stumbled farther out of reach. Away from the instinct to trust him. To let this dangerous, tempting man even further in. To scream her confusion and keep on screaming until something, anything made sense.

“Okay.” He slowly followed her across the room. “Let’s talk about tomorrow, then.”

The hallway bathroom was just behind her. The kitchen to her right, and beyond it the side door of her corner, ground-floor apartment. She’d left the deadbolt off. If she ran fast enough—

“Where will you go?” he asked, as if he knew what she was thinking.

Don’t run from me, Maddie, his thoughts pleaded. Thoughts that she shouldn’t be able to feel so clearly—not without Sarah there to fuel the kind of emotional connection Maddie had never achieved on her own.

“Stop doing that,” she begged.

“Doing what?”

She sprinted for the back door. Hard hands yanked her to a halt from behind. Jarred’s breath brushed her cheek. Needs from long ago, from when she’d been sixteen and still let herself need, rushed back.

No more barriers.

No more safe.

No more careful.

“Talk to me, Temple,” Jarred insisted.

Trust me just this once, was his unspoken plea.

“No!” Maddie lifted a fist to her pounding head. Pressed her other hand to her churning stomach. It was too much. All of it, too much. His thoughts. Her patient’s. Sarah’s…

None of them should be in her head.

“You’re making yourself sick.” He steered her toward the couch and let her slide down until she crumpled into her snowy white blankets and pillows. “Just like at the hospital this morning when I thought you were going to beat Britton to a pulp, which I personally would have enjoyed watching. But then you almost passed out in the hallway.”

You’re making me sick.”

Jarred and the thought of what it must have been like for her twin to go through this their entire childhood. Always open. No way out. The panic attacks and the constant fear. It had driven Sarah over the edge. Maddie panted. Swallowed. Pulled the blanket to her chin. She was so cold.

“You’re…” She had no idea what to say next.

“How am I making you sick?” Jarred planted his hands on his hips, just above the age-worn jeans he always wore beneath his lab coat. “I’m offering a friend the courtesy of my best professional advice. But you seem convinced there’s nothing I can do to help you.”

There was nothing anyone could do, Maddie finally accepted. The nightmares were going to win. The guilt and the pain. The confusion. Feeling and knowing things she shouldn’t. Other people’s things. The same darkness Sarah had fallen into—the sister no one at St. Chris but this man knew about. Because Maddie had been so determined to believe that there was no legacy of gifts the women in her family couldn’t control. No spiraling need to—


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  1. catslady says:

    I really enjoyed the excerpt – definitely leaves me wanting more :)

  2. RobynL says:

    “If being around other people is this difficult, how do you handle the ER?” oh my goodness!!! that would be one of my questions also. Sounds very interesting.

  3. Jane says:

    Thanks for the excerpt.

  4. Pat Cochran says:

    I’ve read several of the excerpts from this book which you have
    offered. I’ve enjoyed them all. Thanks for providing them to us.

    Pat Cochran

  5. I enjoyed this excerpt as well. I have an advantage in that I read the ARC and it just keeps getting better.

    Marilyn Baron

  6. JASON says:

    I’m a dude. I read it. I liked it. Good stuff Anna! DIE! HA! Love it!

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